Call of Duty: Ghosts' Mutliplayer Reveal Is The Best PR For Battlefield 4

CCC Says: "So, I just got done watching the Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer reveal. Now, I am just going to get this out of the way up front–I am a Battlefield fanboy. And I’m not alone. The Battlefield fanbase grows larger with each installation of the franchise and for good reason–it’s a better game. For you Call of Duty fans out there that are (for some unknown reason) reading this, brace yourselves and get ready to spew forth your retorts. To quote the movie 300, “This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this.” This is an exercise in sheer fanboyism, and some, if not all, of my points may make no sense and have no basis in reality. You have been warned."

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user74029312290d ago

I see cod losing a good 25% of its fanbase to bf4, and thats alot.

MizTv2290d ago

I saw the vid and was not impressed at all
It looked like a ps3/360 game
Ill be happy with killzone and battlefield

black0o2290d ago

BF4 is a next-gen COD still a cur-gen with a dog!

MWong2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Sadly, did everybody see the GameSpot vid of COD since Modern Warfare? The game looks exactly the same with just slightly better textures and new, but slightly similar game modes.

user74029312290d ago

yeah, i know what you mean, it shouldn't come as a surprise though. anything casual usually is watered down. from games to music to beer ect.

elhebbo162290d ago

wasnt there an article about how BF4 pre-order are ahead of Ghost? Just goes to show that people do get tired of the same s*** every year.

RaptorGTA2290d ago


Orginally I think BF4 preorder were above COD...but I think COD is ahead now. We'll have to see how next week pre order sales look.

dcj05242290d ago

Bf4 provides CQC Medium Ranged Combat and Long Ramged Combat.No need for cod.

Pandamobile2290d ago

Pretty much. Back in the day, when it was BF2 vs. COD2, each franchise had their respective strengths and weaknesses.

COD had great close-quarters gameplay with impactful shooting mechanics, but no ranged combat.

BF2 had great ranged and vehicle combat, but weapons felt weak and close-quarters combat was wonky and a bit unintuitive.

Fast forward to 2013 and COD hasn't really changed much. It's still got the same original formula, but hasn't expanded out very much. Meanwhile, BF3's close quarters gameplay and shooting mechanics have increased tenfold, while still providing huge battles with a variety of vehicles.

Battlefield now does Call of Duty better than Call of Duty does, while still providing that epic largescale battles that put the series on the map.

BLAKHOODe2290d ago

I would prefer a new Battlfield: Bad Company game over Call Of Duty and Battlefield.

SchwoererBear2290d ago

I agree, I played the crap out of bad company 2, when BF3 came out it was`so much different and had the the feel that MOH was influencing it. I stopped playing BF3 and went back to BC2 and still play it to this day from time to time.

SnotyTheRocket2290d ago

To each his own. I still play BF3. Awesome game.

thelaughingwiseman2290d ago

I'm still waiting for Bad Company 3... BF3 campaign looked and played a lot like COD. I missed the humor that was in BC2. BF4 seems to be going the same route.

Pandamobile2290d ago

Who gives a rat's ass about the campaign? Battlefield's meat and potatoes are the awesome multiplayer matches.

thelaughingwiseman2290d ago

BC 2 is the reason I fell in love with the series. The campaign was very good, story and combat wise. All their actions made sense.

But BF3 and all the other COD's just feel like jar head games. They are just made to give you a gun and then shoot. I didn't feel the fun I had with BC2 that I did with COD's games or BF3. It felt all gloomy and strict.

Again, this is just the way I feel about the game. I didn't like the detachment I had playing MP

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The story is too old to be commented.