GameStop Sheds New Light On Xenoblade Controversy

Why wouldn’t GameStop simply sell the shrink-wrapped version, but at a higher price? When Nintendo provided GameStop with the copies in 2012, GameStop signed an agreement ensuring that it would sell the copies at Nintendo’s desired price of $49.99. By removing the shrink-wrap and selling the game as “used,” GameStop can mark the price up as high as it wants, because the game no longer belongs to Nintendo.

According a Florida GameStop employee who did not wish to be named, the game is selling for $90 in stores, because that’s how much it copies are garnering on eBay.

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darthv721988d ago

damn gamestop wonder i cant find a good deal on metroid prime trilogy. the disc alone they sell for upwards of $70

guitarded771988d ago

All parties involved would make more money if they'd just keep pressing copies instead of creating this shortage which is a total rip off to gamers.

rainslacker1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I don't consider a pristine copy of Xenoblade Chronicles for $81(with Power up member discount) a rip off of gamers. I got mine for $46 with bonus %off coupons and a $25 PUR certificate. Show me an ebay seller selling it for less than $90 with a buy it now option. Over $100 is the norm.

It's a scummy thing to do what they did, but realistically, no one brought this game when it released. We can complain all we want about it, but it's been available new up until the beginning of this year, and it just sat on the shelf. Many people relate stories how their store has several new copies available.

Think of it this way. If you personally could make more money selling this game used, wouldn't you?

Otherwise, I agree, Nintendo shouldn't have shorted supply of this game, but looking back, it didn't sell massive amounts like most people believe it did. It's popularity is rather recent.

On a side note. Is it proper to say in the title that GameStop made a statement on this issue when the source is actually some random GameStop employee who is just as in the dark on these matters as everyone else?

guitarded771988d ago

@ rainslacker

I'll start by saying I respect your opinion because you didn't just click "disagree", you make your argument and have a point.

But I'm not blaming GameStop for the over inflated price, I'm blaming the publishers... not just Nintendo (in this case), but they are particularly guilty of not pressing enough games to meet demand. Like with Darth72's comment about Metroid.

Maybe the game didn't initially sell the numbers make them keep pressing copies, but it's not too difficult to press another batch to at least appease the growing demand. There are other games that have become cult phenomenons and the demand meant another pressing, or at least digital distribution.

In Nintendo's case, digital distribution on the Wii isn't happening, but it would be nice to see it ported to the Wii U for digital distribution (I know that's not likely in the immediate future). That could get prices stabilized at least.

I don't know if the article is true or not, but if it is, that's a low move by GameStop, but I don't think it is, because I don't see a major company risking its reputation over an extra $30 per copy.

But without your discount and credit, the game still would have been $81... I consider that over inflated at the least. If it were a 10 year old game with no hope of being re-pressed and re-distributed, I would understand, but not in this case.

rainslacker1988d ago

Ah, my bad then.

Yeah I agree. NOA didn't even care to release this game in the US, despite a lot of vocal outcry for it. It took oprainfall to get it done, and even then GS had to step up and offer to pay for manufacturing costs. It was one of those decisions which made me say WTH Nintendo.

Nintendo didn't even do much to promote the game from what I can remember. Again it was mostly word of mouth, and GameStop's own efforts. Hell up until a few months ago my local GameStop had 12 display copies in the Wii section despite the fact they didn't even have any in stock...really annoying that.

The current price is inflated because there is this perception that it is extremely rare, which it isn't. At any given time you can find at least 10 copies available on Ebay. However, the value of something is only what someone is willing to pay. I never found any of this to be Nintendo trying to inflate demand for the game, as they have nothing to gain from it. Except now that they are obviously aware of the games appeal, and are riding on that to promote "X". Kind of sickening since they basically piggybacked off the EU localization for the US.

I've been wanting to play this game for a long time, but wasn't willing to spend over $100 for it. $80 would have been a hard pill to swallow, but being a collector, the chance that the price stays at least this is there. Getting it for $46 was a bargain for me. Nintendo could have made some money off me, and likely many others, if they just released this for download for the Wii or Wii U as a downloadable game. Not sure if there's any technical reason for them not to. However, this is one game that I would have brought digitally just to be able to play at a reasonable price.

On a side is an amazing game.:)

jcnba281988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Pity you don't live in Europe, they're only €60 here brand new and sealed. Same with Xenoblade.

morpha1988d ago

Thats because Nintendo is the publisher in every other region and they are required to keep the game in stock.

In America Gamestop signed some kind of contract with Nintendo for a distribution deal. Which they are now abusing.

1988d ago
CallDaCheeseBox1988d ago

So what's so great about xenoblade?

jimmywolf1988d ago

it was a really good wii only rpg not worth $80+ but worth $50-$60 i played it on a emulator "not condoning the act" but it worth playing if you get a chance

wishingW3L1988d ago

that it is one of the very few decent JRPG on consoles.

Bimkoblerutso1988d ago

It's just a great, great JRPG. It's closest relative is probably FFXII, in that they both seem to draw a lot of inspiration from MMO's, but with a story and characters that are interesting and a setting that obviously doesn't feel like it's catering to thousands of players.

morpha1988d ago

Its almost more of an action game than a JRPG. It has these huge magnificent maps that go on forever. I personally could hardly believe the game was possible on the Wii.

The characters are great and the story is epic. The game takes ATLEAST 70 hours to finish and has well over 200hours of content.

I still laugh when I think of Heropon Rikki's lines.

TheDivine1988d ago

Think Xeno (xenosaga/xenogears) with a faster more fun version of FF12's battle system. Mix in a stellar story, characters, an extremely massive world with hidden bosses and some of the coolest most beautiful locations in any game and there you have it. Its also streamlined to take any frustration out so when you die you restart from the closest landmark, there's fast travel, and there's also an extremely deep system to build towns and relationships. Its one of the best RPGs ever IMO, def Monoliths best work (Xeno games, baten kaitos). Its easily worth the 90 dollars for a physical copy but I would never buy it from gamestop due to the scalping they are trying to pull. Buy it from ebay if you want it.

It would be like Activision selling second runs of Block Ops 2 for twice the retail price. Once they get a mp fanbase all you friends would have to pay double to join in. Publishers shouldn't double the price ever and gamestop is the publisher for all purposes here. They couldn't sell it above 50 new so they gut em and sell it for 90. Scalpers would've tried to do the same thing but they aren't the publisher who needs to keep stock up and prices down so people can buy it and grow the fan base. Only collectors will pay 90 for a used copy so it won't help the series in any way. Sell the game new for 50 and only allow one per customer to allow people a shot to play this game. Also release it on the WiiU Eshop to build hype for X.

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RiPPn1988d ago

So gamestop will adjust the price upward to match ebay, but won't do the same when the price is cheaper on ebay. hrmm sounds fair.

jimmywolf1988d ago

keep in mind Thu ebay an gamestop could not charge you more if Nintendo kept printing new copies

Tetsujin1988d ago

Practices like this is a big reason why I can't take Game Stop seriously. In the article the "unnamed" associate should have also keep the state anon, so now "if" an investigation started they at least know the state to target first.

After reading this I'm beyond 100% sure never to even think of Game Stop again; Amazon, Best Buy (For now) and my college for my gaming needs, I refuse to even suggest a company like this who thinks it's ok to price gouge just because it sells on ebay (or the internet).

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