Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer details you might have missed

Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer details you might have missed — New game modes, ultimate customisation, soldier prestiges

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Akuma2K1988d ago

Rinse and repeat at its finest by IW, sorry but they're gonna have to do better than that if they really want to challenge BF4 as the best military shooter in this next gen.

GamerSciz1988d ago

I agree but at the same time it is more popular then BF3 even though BF3 is the superior game in gameplay and technology. So for IW why fix something that isn't broke (to the community at least). I personally think it is broke but the community as a whole disagree with me.

ape0071988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

I disagree, BF is good but CoD is waaaay more fun

that's why it's #1

GamerSciz1988d ago


If I am looking to play a mindless shooter then COD is definitely fun. But if I want teamwork and squad based gameplay, then BF3 wins hands down. Ghosts will have squad gameplay it seems so we will see if teamwork will finally be a factor.

SillyYou1988d ago

lol, why so many dislikes?

ZBlacktt1988d ago

Activision is much like MS. They hire a bunch of dead beats to search the net looking for any negative feed back. Then down thumb is as much as they can.

COD has got to be the most overrated game of all time.... of all time. There is absolutely nothing special about it at all. It will never win a Game of the Year. It's prefect for online cheaters because they can hack the crap out of it.

ape0071988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )



u really need to change your mindset, remember it's your opinion, yes i respect it but u gotta understand that many enjoy CoD, myself included

u have foxhound as your gamerpic, i assume you're a great gamer, hedio kojima himself likes cod

so in the end it's all opinions....

rdgneoz31988d ago

@ape007 Hedio Kojima might like COD, but what about the creator of Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima?

Johnsonparts231988d ago

COD is just more fun. Might not be as complete a game, but it's more fun.

showtimefolks1988d ago

i can't believe i am about to say this but BF4 is actually a better game but COD is actually easier to play and lot more fun to play for me personally

you can get some good kills in COD even if you are a noob but in BF you will get hammered

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USA0071988d ago

Watched the reveal and still not very impressed. There still isn't much to mix up the gameplay itself.

Prototype_79L1988d ago

As opposed to in BF4? What is the mix up in gameplay in BF4 compared to BF3. Please tell me. I watched a 40 min multiplayer gameplay a few days ago, and apart from graphics and level, it was basically the same as BF3.

USA0071988d ago

I also haven't seen BF4 change much, but atleast they haven't released the same game 7 times now. I'm going to wait to see more BF4 maps before I brand it as the same thing though. They've promised to bring more destruction, and hopefully more destruction means maps like in BC2

Johnsonparts231988d ago

no no didn't you see, a building falls, there's that? lol I totally agree, everyone complains and thinks COD should make a completely new game every year. WHY would you change the most popular formula? I think the additions look like a lot of fun, and that's whats most important, to me at least.

HeavenlySnipes1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Well a larger player count (on consoles)

A new engine

Naval warfare

Commander mode

New weapons/skins/attachments/gren ades/maps etc

There are also new modes (we'll have too see Gamescom for that though)

Good enough for a sequel. BF3 was already better than COD and the improvements on both sides for the sequels didn't change that viewpoint for me. I skipped MW3 but the only reason I have BO2 (other than actually like the first one kinda) is because of the splitscreen online. Something that BF (and most online games) doesn't have

swishersweets200311988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

@prototype actually its not the same as bf3. The class systems have been re adjusted, gun mechanics tweaked, suppression has been changed, the movement of the tanks and jeeps have better physics, the helicopter handles differently more like older battlefields so they have a little bit more momentum, the amount of destruction is better this time, Little bit more customization options, slightly better graphics.
It may look the same but it actually handles better. i guess you could make that same argument for cod but i agree with USA007 i wasnt impressed either. I rather keep playing black ops 1 or 2 over getting the ghost game.

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SchwoererBear1988d ago

Looks like the usual increase in options. I think it will be MW3 with a different skin. When are they going to do a total reboot and refresh?

matgrowcott1988d ago

Who would a reboot benefit?

Not IW. Not the people who buy it every year, who buy it because it's the same. Not even the people who hate the franchise, since they probably wouldn't buy it regardless.

SchwoererBear1988d ago

I just think the evolution of the series has been slow. It's like Madden games now, they tweek a little bit and release something new ever year or so. They should take the time to develope something fresh instead of popping out "new" games.

Johnsonparts231988d ago

exactly, its just too big of a risk and for not that great of a reward because trolls are gonna hate COD regardless.

Convas1988d ago

The new Squad features with the 6-player co-op with offline bots is VERY convenient for me as I played a lot of local co-op with buddies when they came over on Black Ops.

ape0071988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

i hated MW3 with a passion, worst CoD ever imo, crappy underwhelming uninspired level design, MW2 and CoD 4 are the best CoD games ever, then BO1 comes after them

ghosts look to have that old IW CoD magic that is lost in MW3 and BO2, the maps and the weapons look great, lightning is stunning, gameplay look more fine that ever

IW team has really rebuild themselves

ghosts is special

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