Activision: “Call of Duty set the Benchmark for Current Gen,” Aiming to Continue on PS4/XboxOne

Activision’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg, talked about their upcoming game.

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TrendyGamers1984d ago

They'll need to up their game if they want to challenge TitanFall.

Lovable1984d ago

Competing against the team that made COD big...

xHeavYx1984d ago

What benchmark? How to use Copy and Paste when doing games?

FanboyCrusher1984d ago

They also have Bungie back with Destiny, KZ: Shadowfall, new Halo sometime in 2014, BF4, Titan fall like you said, and I'm guessing another FPS from Microsoft at Gamescom. Lots of competition, and Call of Duty is starting to have it's flame put out. These next 6 months are going to be insane.

medziarz1984d ago

looks terrible and ridiculously lame! clock ticking before you explode? whatever you do you will explode in a moment or get shot in 6 seconds?

Donnieboi1984d ago

And go up against BF 4. And up against the tons of other great games out there to choose from that aren't of the increasingly stale FPS variety.

Johnsonparts231984d ago

BF is very stale, just like KZ, just like Halo. They keep the formula that works for them.

Lwhit61984d ago

Out of all the games coming out on Next Gen COD Ghosts looks to be about the LEAST next-gen.

slimeybrainboy1984d ago

Exactly. How exactly is it nextgen to have all the features you put into your next game avaliable on your current gen game.

Activision are too focused on making the games comparable to try and get sales on both generations and have parity between the two, that's holding COD back. The game has barely changed throughout an entire generation since MW2, reskin, change the 'create a class' system, make new maps, create new killstreak UI's, that's it. And MW2 wasn't even as good as COD4.

Lwhit61984d ago

@slimeybrainboy Thats so true. Although i really loved MW2 and it was one of my all time favorite videogames for some reason.. But like you said, Activisions games aren't embracing and tackling next gen like ubisofts games are..

HugoDrax1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Yes! Don't you just love competition? :- )

_FantasmA_1984d ago

Don't you mean Titanfail? That game won't be anywhere near as big as COD. It looks like the same old crap we've seen before except with some robots thrown in. I doubt it will the next big thing.

dark-hollow1984d ago

It looks no different than any fps. After all, if you're going to watch one gameplay trailer and say that it's nothing different without actually playing the game itself were even little details and changes like double jumps and mechs can make a very huge difference in the dynamics of the game, then you can disregard battlefield, halo, killzone etc as nothing new. All have the same fundamentals. It is the gameplay mechanics that makes the difference between those.

Hell a lot of people (myself included) hated halo reach when they only added armor abilities and sprinting. It seems like no big deal and no big change on the surface, but when you play it it Makes a tremendous difference. Which is why a lot of people prefer halo 3 over reach and halo 4.

aceitman1984d ago

there not even blowing up preorders on amazon . most times after conferences like this u see spikes in preorders.

ZBlacktt1984d ago

Which will never live up to AC4 BF.

dark-hollow1984d ago

Cod will have more competition on the fps field with titanfall, destiny and and battlefield 4 (won't regard halo 5 or killzone as a big threat as both are available on one platform)

Not saying ghosts will fail or the next cod or the one after will, but if they keep rehashing yearly the cod franchise is bound to slowly burn and lose it relevance.

That what pes did, they released lackluster sequel after sequel till fifa came and kicked it ass.

SillyYou1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

And Killzone SF, Battlefield 4.

GraveLord1984d ago

COD will easily will easily win in terms of amount of game modes, guns, killstreaks and most likely replayablity.

We haven't seen enough of Titanfall and if hate COD, I don't see why you would like that game as these are made by the same people. The core gameplay looks very very similar.

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N7Lukas1984d ago

Well judging from today's gameplay reveal, the benchmark is in the exact same place.

cunnilumpkin1984d ago

looks worse than mw2

nothing new

quake 3 engine from 1999

Neixus1984d ago

''the competition can be fierce as squad soldiers display life-like, skilled tactics and behaviors like side-strafing, corner-camping, jump-shooting and more''

Nice job introducing camping and trickshotting bots, would totally benefit the community

gazgriff2k121984d ago

call of duty toast, its done we had some good times and some very bad times. Its time for me to say bye and say hello to destiny, planetside 2 and the division. I already know battlefield very well were good friends

KwietStorm1984d ago

Sounds like you've been courted, abd I commend you for making some new friends.

Kayant1984d ago

Benchmark not in graphics, Gameplay - debatable as not everyone likes the fast arcade style of cod, Physics and Engine elements - All have been seen in other games for years so they're just catching up. So I disagree very much.

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