So Maybe Microsoft Does Want To Be More Like Steam

When Microsoft revealed their pre-180 plans for the Xbox One, some pundits theorized that they were trying to build a Steam-like digital network, complete with frequently-discounted games and a user-friendly, retail-free interface.

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golding891890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Very interesting. No doubt no one can argue that Steam is pretty legit.

If MS can pull this off, it will make things very interesting. That's if xbox one platform is included..hehe

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black0o1890d ago

with PSN+ i already got a steam like system .. and with the ps4 PSN+ been required i hope sony push things a lit bet feather

Transporter471890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Closest thing to steam and discounts right now is PS+ and i'm loving it, wonder what he will change for Xbox Live.

@BTW PSN does good discounts but you get a better discount with PS+.

@negatiive How many games that you have beaten have you replayed? How many games have you traded back in for a few bucks, now with the membership you get to try a new game that you wanted to try but didn't need to spend your hard earn cash on the full retail price and you then complain.
there is no better value then PS+ for gaming, I have over 50 games from them for free with a small fee of 49.99 a year and i have used their awesome discounts to buy some key games i will love to keep, but trust me i am never going to cancel my membership its too good to let go. I like that Sony cares about their customers but obviously you only see the "subscription fee for next gen" regardless that you will get PS4/PS3/Ps Vita games monthly for free with it, and then you call me a fanboy at the end of the day i am a gamer that sees good value with a great service you are just too blind to see it.

JBSleek1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Paying a monthly fee for discounts is kinda silly to me. Of course PS+ does more than that but discounts should be PSN wide not just for PS+ members.

"Whats? all the games given for 3 different systems and you say paying a sub for discounts?

17 bucks can get you 18 games... do you understand that?"

I understand that you don't keep those games if you don't keep the subscription.

People don't go all irrational on me. I never talked about PS+ as a whole I just find it weird that the discounts aren't for everyone relax.

"Do you think Sony gets the discounts for free? Sony uses the money from PS+ to give the discounts for PS+."

Steam manages pretty well so I don't think PS+ is for the discounts per say.

I just think that is a company wants to be like Steam MS included I need steep discounts across the board.

Dno1890d ago

Whats? all the games given for 3 different systems and you say paying a sub for discounts?

17 bucks can get you 18 games... do you understand that?

FlameHawk1890d ago

Why should they be? Do you think Sony gets the discounts for free? Sony uses the money from PS+ to give the discounts for PS+.

black0o1890d ago

as if MS offers live 4 free .. common u can do better

negative1890d ago

I don't like that PS Plus is basically lending you those "FREE" games while trying to smooth over the fact that you have to pay to play online now. After years of putting down MS for doing that.

Ohhhhh fanboys.........

Dno1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

the games you buy on a discount are yours forever so your either being a troll and going off topic or your a teen who cannot read.

FlameHawk1890d ago

Lol, Gold is not even close to PS+, PS+ dominates Gold, it makes it look so bad. It is $10 cheaper and the Gold features, the PS4 comes with them and PS+ gets free games. Don't even compare Gold to PS+ and say that it is better and it isn't justified, because it is.

pompombrum1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Ohhh fanboys indeed..

It really sucks getting so many quality "free" games lent to me each month for around the same cost as a pint. /s

RadioActiveTwinky1890d ago

Its the same concept of like a cosco card. You cant access the goods if you dont pay the membership.
The goods here being "free" and heavily discounted games/DLC.
Sure you have to pay a yearly fee but its so you can still play and keep those games in your virtual library.
Its the same as Steam except you actually pay to "keep" your games. Why because you still need to sign in online once a month to get them verified. If you dont some of the games will not work. Even if it is just a single player game. Its the same concept like UBI had only a bit less restrictive if you will (on steam).

The only real reason people praise steam the way they do is because in all honesty its about the automatic updates and cheap games.
Imagine having to go and look for the updates yourself for every single one of your PC titles. It would be maddening. I know because I was there pre-steam. Those were; if you will the glory days of PC gaming. But they were also the darkest days for PC gaming.

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RicardJulianti1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

Personally, I think Club Nintendo is a better deal.

You earn points by buying games and filling out surveys (none of which take more than 5 minutes), can use those points on free games or actual physical items, and if you get enough points in a year you get another free gift of your choosing...calendar, posters, soundtrack, VC game etc

And best of all, it's free. You may not get the discounts, but everything you get you own forever and you don't have to pay extra for it.

PS+ is pretty awesome too though, don't get me wrong.

Williamson1890d ago

I dont if club nintendo is the better deal but its still great. I cant decide on what gift to pick from reaching platinum/gold status...and i have till tomorrow which makes it even harder.

urwifeminder1890d ago

Cleaned up at the steam summer sale so many good cheap games so that's a good thing for ms.

ElementX1890d ago

Since I built my PC in late November or early December I've literally purchased over 350 games on Steam. I also go to sites like greenmangaming and gamersgate and frequently find more great deals on games which come as a Steam code. If Steam has something on sale and you miss it, chances are a discounted Steam code can be found on some website.