Where are the Wii U Third Party Collector's Editions?

Zack at Nintendo Gamer Thoughts says: "Sure collector's editions are usually just a way to sell consumers a bunch of useless crap they don't need, but that does not mean I don't want the option to be stupid and buy them anyways. People always say we vote with our dollar, but how can we do that when their are no voting booths around?"

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Neonridr1986d ago

Assassin's Creed IV: Buccaneer Edition was advertised as being released also on the Wii U as indicated by the trailer for it.

Also, EB Games in Australia (take it for what it's worth) has a preorder page for the Wii U version of the Buccaneer's Edition.

Odd that this wouldn't turn out to be true.

But I agree, we should be offered the same thing, but I am guessing the install base isn't large enough. These games won't move enough units for these guys to release these special editions unfortunately.

I am hoping to be proven wrong as we get closer to the release dates though.

zdkapl1986d ago

Not where I live in North America sadly.

Neonridr1986d ago

I live in NA too. I am merely saying that for the Buccaneer's Edition trailer that is out there it clearly shows the Wii U as being included in that bundle. Why would Ubisoft include them in the trailer only to not sell it at retail. Seems like an error on their part to show the Wii U version then.

-Mika-1986d ago

There are no collector's edition for the WiiU because it not going to sell. Im not trolling. That just the honest truth. Stop being a blind fanboy and just think for 1 minute on why they would not create a collector edition bundle for the WiiU. From a bsiness standpoint, it the right thing to do.

xHeavYx1986d ago

"I'm not trolling"
"Stop being a blind fanboy"

Thatguy-3101986d ago

People hardly get the original retail edition for 60$ on the wii u. I doubt they'll throw the extra cash.

7uff11986d ago

Because it's lacking features.

7uff11986d ago

I would buy the Watch Dogs collector's edition for the Wii U. They aren't making it because the Wii U doesn't have any proof that it has the demand for those games, since they are "new" to Nintendo consoles and the Nintendo public. At least we will get the game and I will show my support, stop being such a troll, Mika.

DarkBlood1986d ago

you should take your own advice @mika

memots1986d ago

Calling people blind fanboy ? Coming from you Mika that's rich.

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QuebecSuperstar1986d ago

I personally don't give a toss about special editions. The game is all I want.

t3gamenews1986d ago (Edited 1001d ago )

Actually I think the reason is. 360 & ps3 are old so its cheaper to make those games . The WiiU is new so cost is higher & cost of disk &things.

Realplaya1986d ago

I won't buy the collectors addition but I will buy the game.