Hands-On With The PS4 - Faulty Pixel Podcast EP14

This week host Paul Izod is joined by co-hosts Emma ‘Hawkeye’ Picknell and Neil ‘The Noteman’ Chambers.

The show is a bit different this week, as just before the show, Paul had been given a hands on look at the PS4, the PS4 conroller and demos of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag and Watchdogs. Understandably, the main body of the show focussed on that

On the show this week:

Team answer the question ‘GTA IV had a few celebrity cameos. Fow the upcoming GTA V, which celebrity would you choose to have a part in the game?’

Paul discusses his impressions of the PS4 controller after genning to have a play about with it.

Paul gives his impressions from his first-hand look at Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag

Paul gives his impressions from his first-hand look at Watchdogs

The team try and persuade Paul to banish aspects of gaming they hate most into Games Room 101

The team induct the Zelda theme tune into the Faulty Pixel Hall of Fame

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