Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Revealed and Detailed; Who Cares, though?

Kaboomshark writer Ryan "Rdawg" T writes " Call of Duty fans have been waiting for this moment since it was announced a few weeks ago. Activision finally held their multiplayer reveal event, where they have revealed and detailed the highly anticipated multiplayer for Call of Duty: Ghosts. Interested as to what this mode will hold? Will it be anything different from the previous CoD multiplayers? Will there be dogs? Can you shoot the dogs? Why would anyone shoot a dog? What does Ryan think about Call of Duty: Ghosts and their entire multiplayer reveal? If you want those questions answered (especially the last one, since I know you all care dearly about what I have to say), I suggest you read on. Read on people, read on."

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KazeRaVen2281d ago

Not me, This game is Pure garbage, Hands down Battlefield 4 is gonna destroy this Game next gen.

joe902281d ago

Why is N4G just hate articles about everything now.

OT: CoD and BF are 2 different games really, CoD is an arena shooter and BF is an open map shooter.

I'll buy both,

negative2281d ago

Didn't you hear? It's cool to hate on things like COD and Kinect nowadays.

I'm no big COD fan but it's definitely a fun game to pop in here and there. Calling it garbage screams fanboy.

MestreRothN4G2281d ago

The trend is: say something really really stupid to make people try to force some intelligence into your head.

That's what these articulists want.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2281d ago

lol this game looks like shit and so does BF4 i guess im just tired of FPS that take no team work.. all you do in these game now a days is run and gun even when there is an objective ppl just try and kill others lol pure trash wheres my socom from PS2 days and my rainbow six which in my opinion was up ther with COD4 this gen

jimbobwahey2281d ago

I think the game looks fun :)

Wingsfan242281d ago

Yea, surprisingly it's the little changes that got me excited. Graphics look marginally improved, animations more fluid and as you said, it just looks like mindless Call of Duty fun.

Killa782281d ago

It didn't look terrible, it seems to be going back to the modern warfare days which is a plus.

Having said that, Black ops 2 ruined the franchise for me, and battle field 3 being free to play online now as well, gave me the chance to play it.

Was pleasantly surprised although the games are fairly different.

SillyYou2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I like it, but nothing special that would bring me back to play this series. I'll stick with BF4.

Master-H2281d ago

Call of Duty fans care obviously, they might not be the most vocal ones but they are the majority based on sales and popularity (which has nothing to do with actual quality).

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The story is too old to be commented.