The Point - Why The Xbox Is Losing

Danny explores how hardcore gamers are killing the Xbox One and why Kinect may not be in the box after all.

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DEEBO1985d ago

xfans don't push play.some can't handle the truth.

LordMaim1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Zing. But seriously folks.

EDIT: Seriously? Disagrees for that? Watch the video. It has a measured, even analysis of the Xbox One debacle and offers a strategy to counteract the current image problem Microsoft has. It doesn't even mention the hardware gap between the consoles. It's not one sided, it's not biased, it's journalism. Regardless of your loyalty, you cannot dispute the fact that Microsoft has not handled this launch well.

JokesOnYou1985d ago

No its pointless because if it were any other company that changed policy based on consumer concerns it would be praised but when micro does it they are still evil.

thechosenone1984d ago

If any other company would have changed it's policies as frequently as MS has over these past few months they would have gotten targeted much sooner. The fact that this is the first and only video of it's kind of calling into question all of MS recent BS is shocking.

darthv721985d ago

the only thing i lost was 4 minutes and 47 seconds.

Man that was point-less.

DragonKnight1985d ago

Because it didn't have a positive opinion about the Xbox One right?

NatureOfLogic1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It was actually a very good video. Just because the video doesn't favor your thoughts or opinion, doesn't mean it pointless. MS and Sony can learn from this video.

Boody-Bandit1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

How was being spot on pointless?
What did he say that wasn't accurate or logical?

I even liked his take on "softcore" gamers which he equates to those that buy the popular shooters and sports titles yearly. I refer to them as mainstream gamers but softcore works just as well.

He's correct that it "usually" is the hardcore crowd that dictates which direction the industry goes when a new console is released. They are the early adopters / the trend setters.

I also agree that MS will announce a Kinect-less SKU at a cheaper price point. If they don't what was the point of not making it mandatory in the first place? It's coming. Book it.

darthv721985d ago

Actually you guys are all wrong on my feeling as to why its pointless.

have you ever heard the phrase: it's not what you say, but how you say it...?

Essentially i liken this guys presentation to hip hop gamer but with an accent. He was more about the 'dude bro, if i talk it down like this then people will get behind me no matter what i say'.

people want to complain about the lack of professionalism in journalism then this is a good example. he was reaching with the jokes...trying to hard in some cases.

there were moments of clarity in the way he spoke but then it would be like...oops i better change the tone or im going to lose the crowd and he would resort to a more cheapening of himself.

So it has nothing to do with my preference but more to do with the overall tone of him trying to hard.

DragonKnight1985d ago

That you can liken this guy to HipHopGamer is beyond any measurable sense and begs the question if we watched the same video. All he did was to present the timeline of events. Perhaps you should look into why you thought he tried so hard because I'm fairly certain most didn't have the same opinion as you did.

*In before people say they felt the same way just because I said what I said.*

Hicken1984d ago

So, rather than address the content- which you seem perfectly able of grasping- you'd prefer to attack the delivery because it wasn't in a method you preferred?

"Screw that he's dead-on with everything he says. He's wrong because I don't like how he talks."

darth, you're looking more and more like an xbox fanboy every day.

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1985d ago
Blacksand11985d ago

He's right about the stuff he said about MS. 2006 alot of people brought the 360 because they didn't want to wait a year for the PS3. Now both console coming out at the same time so all them people coming back and the $100 price make a differences, just like the 360 had over PS3.

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showtimefolks1985d ago

i understand that MS wants to focus on the 13 markets but what might end up happening is that many who will want a next gen will get a ps4

same thing happened last gen when xbox360 came out early, many long time PS fans didn't want to wait so they made the switch

IMO this is what MS may loose a lot of consumers early on, with next gen on the horizon i would have liked both sony and MS to be better prepared

let's see thought should be great competition

Landquake1985d ago

The problem with Microsoft is that they really screwed up on their first impression, which was marketing the Xbox One as a social device first and a gaming console second. It seems like they are trying to make amends with the removal of the "always on" feature and discontinuing the need to have Kinect. Whether or not they are still focused on social media and motion control gimmicks instead of gaming remains to be seen.

Maddens Raiders1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

"What's next on the flip flop chopping block?"

I'm sure MS is looking into ways of having this guy fired and the video taken down as we speak. That video was salty and brutally honest.

XboxFun1985d ago

It definitely lost. I mean just looking at the sales of the Xbox One everyone can tell that it couldn't stand a chance. And the games that are out for it are a joke. Not to mention stores are marking the Xbox One down because no one is buying the thing.

Oh...sorry guys I just came from the year 2018 to tell all of you the bad news that Xbox One is losing.

you don't even want to know about the king Android console that took over the world.

FanboyCrusher1985d ago

Sales is not equal to quality. Hows Call of Duty been? That must be your favorite game by that logic.

XboxFun1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Call of Duty has been great, by my logic.

It hasn't been by your logic...or do you mean your "OPINION"?

LordMaim1985d ago

I for one support our Android overlords...

Welcome2Die1985d ago

Wow someone is butthurt..

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