Call of Duty: Ghosts Full Multiplayer Match Video Released

The first ever Ghosts multipalyer match is now available for your viewing pleasure.

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Highlife1893d ago

I feel like I have played this before.......

jcnba281893d ago

Yeah it's called battlefield, killzone and every other shooter out there.

ssj271893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

the lag problems are still there an i guess is part of their engine, characters die behind walls (you get shot behind them thanks to the delay lag) some don't died even after been clearly shot, a grenade explosion happen and under or next to you and you don't die, it happen far from you and you do die, you don't even aim at the character but you kill the enemy wft and I bet this was been played by lan and not even online which it will make it even worse once it's.

after a gamer open their eyes and see all this crap that i just point out then they will understand why a real gamer like me will not like COD and think about the game as a very cheap and bad game.

I hope i wake up few gamers by making them see the true.

Anonagrog1892d ago

The only thing you'll wake people up to, if anything, is how important grammar and punctuation really are.

Donnieboi1893d ago

Did u guys see how many times dudes were getting shot through walls? STILL no dedicated servers, huh?

ssj271892d ago

This was play through LAN so is clearly their engine that just sucks or they just do it with that goal. Imagine when this is played onlinethe lag get worse and this kind of weird things will happeb more often.

Lag in a competitive game is a huge turn off and COD lags in every way I mention plus more that I don't need to point out because the ones I did are a huge turn off.

Lovable1893d ago

Wait...did the author mistakenly put the MW3 video?

ginsunuva1892d ago

Yes. This is Call of Doggy: Maternal Warfare 3 - Game of the Fish Edition

Smoovekid1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Honestly, It is an improvement but I have yet to play it. Looks like you can lean in the game which is kinda cool. I may get it if they really change it.

NastyDaddeh1893d ago

thats not a new feature for pc players n gameplay is to hectic for it to even be useful.

N7Lukas1893d ago

Wow, i actually had to look at the HUD to see which game this was. because the gameplay was exactly the same as the rest.

Is this current gen or next gen footage?

sevilha821893d ago

Sadlly is next gen,I saw it live it was xboOne footage.

YAE i know...

aceitman1893d ago

Wow really I thought it was this gen sad,

ginsunuva1892d ago

And Ac4.

I hope cross-gen titles end soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.