3D TV Debuts in Japan

A Japanese retailer has unveiled a 46in 3D LCD TV, though it's actually manufactured by Hyundai. The set has a 1920 x 1080 resolution and generates a 3D image using stereoscopics. It creates the illusion of 3D by rapidly displaying two different images, one for the viewer's left eye, the other for the right eye.

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decapitator3846d ago

I really need to visit Japan one of these days, they always a few steps ahead of the rest of the world.

Syko3846d ago

My TV I bought 3 months ago is 3D. It is a 56" DLP...But like it says it needs special Movies or Games in order to use it. Which at the moment is almost nothing and not worth the $200 Glasses and software needed to make it work.

I have the 56" 87 Series with the LED Light Engine and 120hz Refresh.

Massacre3846d ago

Is it possible to import things like this from Japan and would it work at all ?

*thinks about ordering*

conjurdevil3846d ago

Extremely Fargile and difference of power consumption could create problems but then again they can be solved.

Massacre3846d ago

Ahh, I see. Thanks. Will look into this a bit more.

fenderputty3846d ago

electronics is expensive. I'm sure the TV is rather pricey as it is too.

kurochi3846d ago

@ #2:

You can import it, but what would you watch?

"The set is reliant on a special stereoscopic broadcasts, which is already up and running in Japan. "

I highly doubt US broadcast companies are broadcasting "stereoscopic broadcasts". They're having a hard time going HD for crying outloud!

S1nnerman3846d ago

The future is look great! 3D TV ... stuff of science fiction only a few years back. I can't wait till I have a holodeck (ahem) in my flat :)

romaink3846d ago

I long for the day when I'll be able to watch Beowulf again in 3D.

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