Buy a Season Pass on Xbox 360, Get a Season Pass for the Same Game on Xbox One Free

Microsoft: Fans of Season Passes now have another reason to look forward to Xbox One with the Season Pass Guarantee program. With Season Pass Guarantee, you can purchase a Season Pass for a participating Xbox 360 title and automatically receive access to download the equivalent Xbox One Season Pass.* It’s simple.

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Ksar2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Now we're talking.

Marked2289d ago

now were talking about buying the same game twice!!! lol yep -_- excited

admiralvic2289d ago

If Battlefield 4 gets a season pass, then this will be a HUGE thing for a lot of people.

You figure you can buy Battlefield 4 and the season pass on the 360 and get your fill of it. When the Xbox One comes out, you can trade your copy into GameStop and get the Xbox One version for $10 dollars out of pocket. Now that you have the next gen version for a mere $10 dollars more, you get the Season Pass on the Xbox One for free. It's like getting your cake and eating it too.

Hard to say if this will actually work out as I described, but it could certainly lead to a win at some point in the future. At the very least, its not like it's a negative.

No_Limit2289d ago


Already confirmed in the news link that Battlefield 4 is indeed part of the Season pass guaranteed program.

"You’ll be able access exclusive season pass content on anticipated titles like “Call of Duty: Ghosts” and “Battlefield 4” on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One."

blackmanone2289d ago

Or you can just buy the same game for one system :S

gamertk4212289d ago

I'll pay the extra 10 to upgrade weeks later at Gamestop. No problem.

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black0o2289d ago

^^ it should be the other way around

nukeitall2289d ago


That is only for CoD specifically. It says nothing about other publishers or even other games.

black0o2289d ago

i think it'd be the same too since season pass is a license just like the plus/gold

mark my words it 'd be the same

MrBeatdown2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Same goes for Battlefield 4, according to the PS Blog.

So the only two games specifically mentioned have this feature on both platforms. Makes sense. No publisher is going to miss the chance to sell two copies of the same game, regardless of platform.

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AzureskyZ2289d ago

uh ok so you have to buy the same game again-- does this really matter? id be just happy picking up just one game and get 1 season pass... this remind me of south park episode of walmart where cartman is trying to buy 3 copies of time cop versus one.

DarthJay2289d ago

With the games mentioned, you can trade them in at Gamestop at launch for the same game and only pay $10. It's a huge win.

AzureskyZ2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

@ Darth i get it but i rather just wait the couple of weeks to get my next gen console and dont pay the extra 10 bucks-- that money could go toward a burrito and a coffee or toward another game, etc.

yellowgerbil2289d ago

You mean,if I am so inclined to buy the same game on 2 different systems, the DLC will transfer!!!!!!!! mind blown.

jackanderson19852289d ago

With the trade in deal that GameStop are doing for Xbox 360 to Xbox one this is a pretty decent deal

HugoDrax2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Exactly! I've never purchased a season pass, but I'm all in for this deal.

PS: After going to Gameastop yesterday in search of PAYDAY2, the employees revealed to me that you have to be a Power Rewards member when you purchase the X360 copy of the game, in order to be eligible for the $10 upgrade. They also mentioned you will be emailed a coupon, that you must bring in with you upon trade in for XB1 game. Otherwise, you won't qualify for the deal.

Maybe that's the PRO membership? it could be the free membership not sure, but I do know I spent $80 yesterday in GameStop, $15 which was to renew my nephews membership and I purchased 1 gold chrome x360 controller since my handle is AuricGoldfinger online lol.

admiralvic2289d ago

@ AuricGoldfinger

Are you CERTAIN it requires a paid membership? Power up rewards is free to join and most promos work with the free status.

gamertk4212289d ago

I was told it has to be the paid account.

gigoran2289d ago

Yeah that's great because everyone in the world has access to gamestop... oh, they don't? So this is a great deal for everyone in America? So what you are saying is it's a really bad idea for the rest of the world to buy a xbone because they would have to buy the same game twice, full price, if they wanted to take advantage of this feature? Thanks for agreeing.

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LordMaim2289d ago

Awful big of them to let you buy the same game twice. Maybe that will be a reason for some people to buy a Xbone. But I doubt it.

abuelo2289d ago

That's...pretty damn cool

pacostacos2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

i dont think there has been any mention of this from sony but i would assume it would be the same

Master-H2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

In the reveal he said "the same console family" multiple times and was using the xbox as the example, if it was only on xboxes he would have touted it as an xbox exclusive feature or bonus immediately since Xbox is sponsoring the event.

Wikkid6662289d ago

Yes it was mentioned in the presentation. Just said as long as it stays in the console "Family".

PS3 to PS4... yes
360 to One... yes

360 to PS4... no

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

thank you master and wikki

ppl dont pay attention these days...

HugoDrax2289d ago

Has that been revealed yet? All I saw was x360-xb1, maybe Sony hasn't announced it yet.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt2289d ago

@pacosstacos / Auricgoldfinger.

didnt you pay attention when he was talkin he said as long as its in the same console family.. if it was only xbox he would of said xbox only...

so i assume same console family means Ps3/ps4

admiralvic2289d ago

What UnRivaLeD said, plus Sony already implemented this stuff with the Vita. So I would be surprised if they dropped the idea with the PS4, when you honestly lose nothing giving people multiple copies of the same data that require you to purchase multiple versions of the game.

HugoDrax2289d ago


Didn't I pay attention? Hahaha! From what I saw on the screen was two banners that displayed XB360 and XB1.

-I'm sure people ASSUMED NFL Sunday Ticket would be available on PS3-PS4 just like it was offered a year ago. We see now that is not the case.

-I ASSUMED multiplayer on my PS4 would be free, just as it was on my PS3.

-I ASSUMED my PS4 would include the ps eye?

-I ASSUMED PS4 would cost $499.99, I was wrong.

-I ASSUMED I would get a Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake for my PS3, since it was shown at E3 years ago.

-I ASSUMED I would be able to purchase a new HD Zelda for my WiiU, since it was shown at E3 2011. Now after making a Wii U purchase I see I was wrong, as all I'm left with is an HD Wind Waker.

-I ASSUMED Final Fantasy versus would be the title, I see now I was wrong after E3 2013.

-I ASSUMED I would have played Shenmue 3 or Half Life 3 by now.

I could go on and on, you get my point.

Master-H2289d ago

Are you gona eat up your words now or imma have to feed them to you ?

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Would be cool if I buy a digital copy of Watch Dogs on Xbox 360 I would get a digital copy on Xbox One aswell, maybe even a "Game for Windows" version of the game.

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