New Screenshots for Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Mode

Infinity Ward and Activision just wrapped the multiplayer gameplay reveal for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and now they’ve released a few new game screens of the mode. Each screen shows off a different environment to provide a clear look at how each map will be visualized, and they’re all varied.

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Plyzz1889d ago

I don't get half of all this hatred towards CoD Ghost ._. Personally i think the MP looks awwesome, and no, it's not trying to look like BF4... And for people complaining that BF4 already showed some of the same stuff, so? How inovatire do you want CoD to be..? Calm ya tittiz folks

Bought on release date for sure :)

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1889d ago

One day it'd be nice if gamers just got along regardless of which franchise they love. That's just how we are I guess. Always has to be a winning side.

Plyzz1889d ago

Nooo not at all, you completely missunderstood my point :/ I like bf3 just as much, or even more so, than i like the latets CoD games, but i just wish people would give a legit explanation as to why they adopted this pure hatred for the CoD genre, apart from "Meh, bf4 has the same amount of weapons." or, "IW really didn't do anything with the new generation, boooring." - i mean like.. comeon guys :|

Sam Fisher1889d ago

It's not about it being innovative, it's just we are going to a next generation, it's time to crank things up a bit, and I don't mean single player either, it's about time multiplayer gets amped up, I'm sorry but this isn't taking the franchise to the next level, this is upgrading on a game that's been coming out with the same routine, feels like a fast food Resturant while there are other companies trying to give us exquisite food, and I like uniqueness, do you like the same crap?

Plyzz1889d ago

So you're practically saying that CoD took the same game and made it better, but BF3 just made a whole new game from scratch with BF4? Or am i missing something?

Hercules1891889d ago

Sometimes change can be good, but you have to be very careful.Just look at splinter cell conviction, and especially Halo 4. If you go onto the halowaypoint forums just about everyone would rather have a halo 3 copy than the new gameplay additions.

GraveLord1889d ago

They're called trolls. 90% of the trolls didn't even see the reveal and have no idea what has changed. And if you don't play these games, you can't even appreciate the new features.

All some people care about is graphics. They seem to not understand that people play Call of Duty for fun.


HAMM3RofBUDDHA1889d ago

We both misunderstood each other. I actually agree with your first statement and was just throwing my two cents in.

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El Nino1889d ago

I don't quite understand how it can look worse than BF3 on last gen hardware. I mean I'm not a complete graphics whore but surely IW and Activision can produce better than that on next gen machines. I'd be a bit embarrassed. COD4 truly was the last decent game from these guys, such a shame.

MidnytRain1889d ago (Edited 1889d ago )

These screenshot look badly compressed. The gameplay in the live stream looked better than these. Plus, you often have to see things in motion to truly judge quality.

GraveLord1889d ago

Look beyond the graphics.

What COD: Ghosts does different:
-Complete overhaul of class and progression system
-Create-a-Soldier and Squads feature
-Dozens of new guns and killstreaks
-Dynamic Maps
-Leaning/Sliding/Vaulting mechanics. This makes the most fluid gameplay out there even more smooth.
-7 New Gameplay Modes

I suggest you watch the multiplayer reveal. Be informed and don't judge the game from a screenshot or by its graphics. There's a reason Call of Duty games are the best selling out there. Ghosts is re-inventing mutliplayer once again.

M-M1889d ago

A lot of the things they added should have been added to COD a LONG time ago, nothing about it is next generation. I thought cranked would be the gameplay mode we all looked forward to with no camping, but all you have to do is just analyze the key routes in which players run and stay in that spot. Would turn into a camp fest quick.

GraveLord1889d ago

There's a timer, you camp too long you'll blow up.

M-M1889d ago

When you get a kill the timer resets, and 30 seconds is more than enough time to wait for someone to run past you.