Tywin Lannister is The Witcher 3's Emperor of Nilfgaard

CD Projekt RED has announced that Game of Thrones actor - Charles Dance - will be the voice of the Emperor of Nilfgaard - Emhyr var Emreis.

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XboxFun1891d ago

This guy is BOSS!

When he sent King Joffrey to bed was pimp! Witcher 3 just became that more bad a** with this guy.

HammadTheBeast1891d ago

This is the true leader of Lannisters, this guys a boss.

Perfect actor for the character.

NewMonday1890d ago

I assume you only watched the TV show, If so the last episode on next season should be very interesting for you.

FamilyGuy1890d ago

He's got a great voice, he'll probably be doing voice overs in a lot of upcoming games this gen.

TekoIie1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Awesome news! He does has the right authoritative voice for an emperor :D

Isnt it also confirmed Peter Dinklage is a VA in Destiny? Could a Game of Thrones trend be starting?

Garbanjo0011890d ago

I like how this is all about Game of Thrones instead of video "games." I love the show, but I love my video games more. Peter Dinklage is the voice of "ghost" on Destiny, and now this guy is the voice on the Witcher.

Jaqen_Hghar1890d ago

Just to show everyone how awesome this man is in a man's series just take away the Ks

starchild1890d ago

This is really great news for my favorite game series.

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