Call of Duty: Ghosts Squad Multiplayer Shown off in New Video

In case you missed it during the livestream, Activision has pulled back the curtain on the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Ghosts, showing off the multiplayer, including squad gameplay.

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vishmarx2289d ago Show
rmw2hot2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I'll stick with Killzone SF. The multiplayer looks like its gonna be sub-HD on next gen consoles lol.

TrendyGamers2289d ago

Hopefully they show off the multiplayer gameplay for that at gamescom.

falcon972289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Getting this on wiiu along with Watchdogs,Assasins4,Windwaker, Donkeykong,Wonderful 101,can't wait.....

mafiahajeri2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Already confirmed to be shown at gamescom

Looks current gen too me so no buy.

JBSleek2289d ago

You haven't even seen Killzone multiplayer yet...

Saddam_hussein2289d ago

Don't bother. Sony fanboys like him Have nothing behind the eyes.

rmw2hot2289d ago

Actually I did see Killzone SF multiplayer in the ps4 user interface trailer and the short footage they shown destroys this whole COD multiplayer gameplay video. You should watch it.

JBSleek2289d ago

So at the most you saw possibly a ten second clip of Killzone. Great

What about Killzone besides graphics screams next gen? Not a damn thing.

Killzone isn't pushing multiplayer either next gen so don't act like it is.

GraveLord2289d ago

I'm getting both. KZ is a syfy shooter and COD is a modern one.

Both look fun in their own way. I have a feeling I'll sink more time into CODs multiplayer though. It's addicting.

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HammadTheBeast2289d ago

Graphically it might be able to rival BF3 on current Gen.

Saddam_hussein2289d ago

I don't know why you got so many disagrees.

Funantic12289d ago

This version of COD was on current gen. We haven't seen the next gen version yet.

HammadTheBeast2289d ago

Lol. Thank you funantic, you've proven my point nicely.

Major Nelson was there at the event with his trusty XBO controller, saying he'd like to get a couple games in.

GraveLord2289d ago

Of course it does, because it IS Call of Duty.

No amount of changes they do will please someone who doesn't like Call of Duty now.

If you don't like Call of Duty, you don't like it. Don't look at Call of Duty for that next-gen megaton AAA innovation. Games that will possibly offer that are Titanfall or Destiny.

I'm excited for all these games.

stage882289d ago

1. Watch this
2. Youtube COD multiplayer reveal Black Ops
3. Youtube COD multiplayer reveal Modern Warfare
4. Realise it's still pretty much the same
5. Disappointment

The thing is I was actually excited when they announced that they were using a new engine. Looks like they just upgraded it and that's not good enough for me to buy it.

JBSleek2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

1-4. If I looked at BF3 and looked at BF4 they would pretty much look the same as well.

I am not a huge Call of Duty fan but I find this double standard really funny.

"The thing is I was actually excited when they announced that they were using a new engine. Looks like they just upgraded it and that's not good enough for me to buy it."

There is hardly any new engines that are built from the ground up they are usually upgraded versions of themselves. Frostbite, CryEngine, Unreal aren't new code, they are old code upgraded.

HammadTheBeast2289d ago

BF2 to BF3, a brand new engine, Frostbite 2.

There's been maybe 4(?) Battlefield games this Gen, while there's been 9 CoD games.

THIS is what DYNAMIC maps are:

Not a couple of signs falling, or a crate or two.

Frostbite, Unreal, Cry engine are new code, a new engine does use old code, but it's at a point where there are way more upgrades, when it looks noticabely different.

NarooN2289d ago

Yeah it was revealed like a month or two ago that the engine isn't even new, it's just the same engine updated again.

Really the problem isn't totally the engine, just the fact that they don't ever make any huge upgrades to it.

GraveLord2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

So you prefer graphics over gameplay. Good for you. Have fun with Battlefield. I'll be over here having an adrenaline rush with Ghosts.

BF4 isn't much of an improvement over BF3 either. In fact Black Ops 2 ---> Ghosts > BF3 ----> BF4

Ghosts has the most improvements from game to game.

stage882289d ago


Where are you getting this from? I'm not going to be picking up BF4 either.
Talk about assumptions.

Killzone SF is where I'm at.

Calm down.

iistuii2289d ago

Bash it all you want I'll still be the most played game on your PS4, gotta laugh.

HammadTheBeast2289d ago

Actually BF4 is DESTROYING it in pre.orders, even Killzone is beating it bad.

iistuii2289d ago

Per orders don't mean nothing. Everyone I know waits till the day before release & buys it from the supermarket that does the best deal. Why preorder it for £39.99 when you can buy it for £25 in Tescos

NarooN2289d ago

How is it gonna be the most played game on my PS4 when I'm not even gonna play it (CoD)?

Logic, please go get some.

iistuii2289d ago

Maybe not YOUR PS4, but come on here after the PS4 is released & see how many people are online playing it. Just like it is on PS3. But you know that right.

HammadTheBeast2289d ago

Doesn't mean it,s not a trash game. Candy Crush is probably most played game out other right now.

iistuii2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Agree, that's not what I said though is it. I'm just stating that no matter how many people come on here slagging it off its still going to be a massive seller because they made a game that the public enjoy playing. I personally don't care either way, I let people enjoy what they want & good luck to them.
On the trash game, you may think its trash but I bet the millions of candy crush players are happy.

NarooN2289d ago

You said most played game on *your* (as in the individual users') PS4's. That implies that everyone will buy the game and play the hell out of it.

What you SHOULD have said was "it'll be the most played game on THE PS4". Don't try to tell me off when you're the one with the vague sentence structure.

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