Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Details: 7 New Modes, 20 Kill Streaks And More

New information for Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer have been revealed.

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aceitman2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

eeehhhhh.and this is how I looked at the whole cod conference
waiting for something new, that would elevate next gen , ooohhh logs rolled down , the roof where the gas pumps are fell down and go boom softly.

GraveLord2288d ago

Look at what they did with the gameplay. That right there is next-gen. Graphics don't make the game.

carson_le_great2287d ago

its weird how much n4g values graphics, even more than gameplay sometimes.

ZombieKiller2287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

This looks OK. Good for a COD game I guess. As stated below this game has much needed improvements...but honestly, its not the improvement this game needs. They need a much better net code and more dev time....which they dont/refuse to have. They're playing on PC with a LAN so we won't see all the bullshit. The ps3 version will still suffer.....quote me on that! Hopefully not though.

Akuma2K2288d ago

Just finished watching all the vids, i'm like really is this the best IW can do for next gen ??

There was nothing shown in those vids that grabbed you and kept you watching like the BF4 reveal did, seems like the same ole same ole to me.

BF4 all the way.

Hufandpuf2288d ago

Same COD but with some much needed improvements. But still BF4 for next gen all the way.

TI_212288d ago

Definitely, the biggest problem I had with CoD when coming back from BF3 was the movement system. It felt so slow and non-fluent, at first I thought it was unplayable. Those slow climbing mechanics are godawful.
I expect these fixes to make an impact on the gameplay for the better since it will feel a whole lot more dynamic.
CoD guys will love it, though I'm done with killstreaks and that imbalance, rewarding inaccurate bodyshots.

JP13692288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

While I do agree that BF4 is far and away the most impressive looking shooter, it does appeal to a different market. Granted, there is plenty of overlap, but there are people that only like one or the other. Myself, I prefer Battlefield. However, there are others that only want games that play like COD and for them, I think this looks okay. It certainly shows all the telltale signs of both cross-gen development and the complacency that success can breed, but I have no doubt that there will still be millions of COD fans playing it this fall.

Edit: Didn't disagree with either of you guys, by the way. The fanboys are looking for blood.

GraveLord2288d ago

What did BF4 do to improve gameplay? All it is is better graphics and better destruction. Boring.

Ghosts added new gameplay mechanics, features..etc..etc. They changed everything about the game.

This is Call of Duty. It's always going to look and feel like Call of Duty. If you don't like it now, you never will. What you're looking for Call of Duty will never offer. There are millions and millions of gamers that love Call of Duty for what it is. It is Infinity Wards job to stay faithful to that formula while still doing changes that improve the gameplay and make the game more fun. This game has the biggest and most changes in recent memory. It even outdid Black Ops 2. I guess if you don't play the games, you can't appreciate the changes.

Akuma2K2288d ago

I've have and played CODBO2, the difference between that game and ghosts looks to be just more perks and co-op modes.

dcj05242288d ago

They fixed the net-code so none of the BS (Rockets vanishing, getting shot around a corner/behind cover) in bf3 happens. They refined the gun-play. Water is now dynamic so you can go under water and the boats are actually offensive this time+ the waves in the water provides visual cover. Commander mode is vastly improved from BF2 and is more useful yet not overpowered (like in BF2). Team-play is more encouraged with perk being unlocked by the squad. Vehicle gameplay is refined. Leveloution changes the map by a considerable amount changing you're tactics, you can now command you're squad to do stuff. SuppressionIis much better implemented ( only by explosions, LMGs and Sniper Rifles) Classes are balanced and more useful, the campaign this time isn't linear POS it's open world with multiple ways to complete objectives and 64 players on console.

Did this answer you're question?

TI_212287d ago

What an overstatement,
I'd say you just can't appreciate these changes as much, if you've been used to them already. However, I can ensure that these will fit perfectly into the CoD formula as well.

BTW these are the first actual gameplay mechanic improvements since CoD4, if you don't count that crappy dive to prone from Black Ops. ;)

JP13692287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

"They changed everything about the game."
Like what? Still no dynamic destruction, bad animation, graphics and physics. Most of the so-called improvements are features already seen in other games for some time now. Come November, I'll be in a squad leveling buildings, taking control of tanks, jets, jeeps, choppers, ATVs, jet skis and boats; surrounded by 63 other players hell bent on filling people with holes and blowing shit up on gigantic maps in a game that allows for a number of play styles. You, on the other hand, might get something like that from the COD game releasing in November of 2023.

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Chaotic_Lament2288d ago

The mods here need to start cleaning up the BF trolls who troll every COD topic.

If COD players went into every BF topic and said negative things about BF while praising COD they would get modded for trolling.

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BattleReach2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

When did they started working on all these new modes and weapon? 2008? 2009? Sounds like an hell of a job to create all this LOOOOOOL

JP13692287d ago

Both series are seeing their first release on new hardware at about the same time, so it's natural for fans of the genre to compare. Those comparisons are bound to get a little ugly when one of those series still looks like it's running on the old systems.

Funantic12288d ago

COD:Ghosts looks great and fast paced. I'm definitely buying this. This will be my default multiplayer game until Titanfall releases.

cunnilumpkin2288d ago

ouch, looks horribly last gen, this better be 360/ps3 gameplay

hope the ps4 and xbox1 version don't look that bad

obviously pc version will crush them all

JP13692288d ago

I thought it looked better than its first showing at the One reveal and assumed it was running on PC. Whatever the case, I'll be too busy playing BF4 on my PS4 this fall to care about COD.

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