Splinter Cell: Blacklist -- hunting down terrorists is stressful (review) | GamesBeat

GB: Splinter Cell: Blacklist gives you the tools — the guns, the high-tech devices, the goggles — to accomplish your mission and then lets you use them as you see fit. Enemies from Benghazi to London will learn to fear your sticky camera, your tri-rotor aerial drone, and your sleeping grenades … or they just might pump you full of lead if you make a mistake. But you can always reload and try again.

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Tolkoto1889d ago

I forgot this was coming. Looks good.

Sadist31889d ago

How could you forget about Splinter Cell? It's the last 360/PS3 game worth getting. Besides Batman

blackstrr4111889d ago

Errrr fyi. Rayman legends, Castlevania los2, murdered souls, beyondtwo souls, MgsV, killer is deaddo

starchild1889d ago

Splinter Cell Blacklist is going to be an amazing game. I can tell from the reviews and gameplay videos that I am going to love it.