Xbox One Launch Markets Confirmed


Today we’re providing an update to our launch plans for Xbox One. At Xbox, our goal is to provide the best games and entertainment experience possible and the team continues to make great progress on delivering Xbox One.

At E3, we announced that Xbox One would be available in 21 markets around the world at launch. This was an aggressive goal and the team has been working very hard to deliver Xbox One to as many markets as possible.

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iamnsuperman1893d ago

At least they are committed to the bigger markets but it is a shame about those 8 markets slipping into 2014

cleft51893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Yeah that is unfortunate, but the console is region free so people who really want one in those countries can import without any worries. Still that is a shame.

ger23961893d ago

Is it region free? Serious question.

YNWA961893d ago Show
NatureOfLogic1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I hope MS can pull it together because PS4 is set to dominate the holidays.

GiantEnemyCrab1893d ago

Get2396: Yes, MS confirmed the console is region free.

HammadTheBeast1893d ago

Wow, not even launching in Japan, GG given up.

xHeavYx1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

No Poland? That are not even mentioned on the countries that will get the One later
This is a huge thing, but better delaying than rushing things. The main problem will be that a lot of people will get a PS4 though

abzdine1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

no words about japan, looks like they completely gave up! PS4 will rule as king in Japan and will get lots of praise from developers since Wii U isn't selling at all, and if big japanese franchises hit PS4 massively then all other territories will follow cause japanese games are some of the most creative out there.

Now if PS4 releases worldwide and before X1 then i'm afraid the worst could happen to Xbox

@andibandit : because if it happens Japan wakes up and rules the gaming world X1 will be a massive fail cause if the console doesn't sell in japan and lots of great japanese games come out they will only be developed for PS4.

andibandit1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Who cares about Japan....

Seriously they've had absolutely no success in Japan what so ever...why should they focus on Japan as part of their list of 13??? makes no sense

Diver1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Region free is not the same as use it in any country at launch. MS said you will be blocked.

They don't want other territories taking launch consoles from launch countries.

JokesOnYou1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Why launch in Japan first with for example 250k consoles when you can just allocate 125k each to Mexico's and Brazil's original 250k and sell close to 500k in those 2 markets in 3 months vs selling 50k in Japan for 3 months, while the rest sit on store shevles? Sure you could split stock and reallocate a few of them to every market, but if preorders suggest demand is there in bigger markets it just makes more sense to go this route.

Mike134nl1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Cna choose to import or maybe go for the free pack in game. Curious what pack in game will be included

gaffyh1893d ago

So they said 21 markets, and they're down to 14 simultaneous, and that doesn't even include Japan. It's not going to win them any fans. However, at least they're committed to US and the big European countries, as they are the countries with the highest Xbox fanbase.

tokugawa1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )


it is a shame that the worst couldn't happen to you. annoying fanboy in every thread. and i am a sony gamer also

on topic. i am all set. the country where i live is on the list. ps4 + xbo day one. it is all good

fr0sty1893d ago

Importing will be very difficult if their yields are not at the level where they can launch in all those markets at once. Supplies will likely be tight for a while after launch until they get it all sorted out.

Looks like those ESRAM yield rumors are starting to come true. Localization should not have been an issue for the company that would cause such a massive delay.

Ritsujun1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Mindless blindb0ts just love getting Xbone180'd by Microsofie over and over again, don't they?

JohnnyBadfinger1893d ago

@ insomnium
Speaking of ignore lists... I welcome you to mine.
Why are you Sony fans attacking this so hard? Your apparent ps4 sales are supposedly out of stick in every region according to you guys. Do you really think that they can manage a global release? Hell fucking no!
Some countries will probably get a 6 month delay or more.

That's just logic... Something you sony fanboys claim to have but don't in reality

black0o1893d ago

MS is on defense next-gen sony has it eyes sit on NA MS strongest/biggest market and so far MS loosing market share -according to the per-orders-

so i think MS did a smart move here, they dont hve the same chance they had last gen with x360 so there's no need to fight in loosing battles over territories which PlaytStation brand is everything , MS must get NA by any mean necessary

Merrill1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

This isn't true actually. There is a post/thread in NeoGaf where someone asked Microsoft on Twitter if they bought an Xbox One from Germany, will it work in Switzerland, and he was told since you need to go online day one and verify with your countries Xbox store, that it wouldn't work for him.

If it's not available in your region day one, then you can't own one until it has been released, because it hasn't been set up for that country yet.

MRMagoo1231893d ago


Get rid of that Australian flag, you dont deserve to carry it you are unAustralian, i bet you dont even eat lamb on Australia day you have hot dogs or something american. Imagine how many ppl you will get to play online with in Australia if you have an xbone lol there is probably about 200 xbones on preorder in the whole country.

OT: Its a shame they cant manage the countries they where aiming for but im guessing with all the changes lately they had a hard time getting the quota for them all.

UnholyLight1892d ago

Yeah it is. I guess it makes more sense when you realize that the Xbox One is supposed to be optimized with Kinect and to have it recognize each and every region and their respective colloquial languages...It makes sense.

1892d ago
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slimeybrainboy1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

It may seem like smart business to try and capture these big markets but it seems like there must be some weight to the markets they're leaving out right?

I guess not I mean, MS would know about it than I.

BTW I called it a couple of hours ago in a reply to you lol #2.1.2 delayed-until-2014/pen

nypifisel1893d ago

This kinda confirms the rumours of yield problems around the Xbox One.

JokesOnYou1893d ago

No they have said the yeild rumor was never true, plus independent analyst have said micro will likely have more stock than ps4 by Nov launch. I think this means they are prioritizing the bigger markets where preorder numbers suggest there is more demand.

nypifisel1893d ago


You're seriously the most brainwashed and deluded fanboy I have ever seen.

First of all, Like they would ever acknowledge such a fact, they've never told the truth about anything, there were a rumour about the delay just recently, they all denied it on twitter (Aaron Greenberg specifically), and now here it is, true and all.

All store and pre order allotments point at the PS4 having a bigger supply of consoles, and if the tactic was to go for the bigger markets why so suddenly change that this late in the game having already announced 21 launch markets before?

It could be a confirmation in the sense that the yield problems have created a smaller supply than initially though having to reduce expectations. In no universe is Xbox One manufacturing further along than the PS4. The complexity of the die with the embedded RAM in the X1 alone would mean a lower yield were to be expected.

MS simply decided to go for the bigger markets with the supply they think they will have ready by launch. Seeing how the pre orders still aren't filled in most of these launch countries (Germany being the biggest in Europe) there's nothing pointing at MS doing this to keep up with demand.

Use your brain, it's good for thinking.

devwan1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

@JokesOnYou "independent analyst have said micro will likely have more stock than ps4 by Nov launch."

What utter fanboi deluded nonsense you spout.

"I think this means they are prioritizing the bigger markets where preorder numbers suggest there is more demand."

Kind of. They are prioritizing the markets where they simply cannot afford not to be present when the ps4 drops (bar Austria that gets a free pass being effectively an extension of the much more important territory Germany).

cboat posted again today on the subject, nypifisel is right, yields are not good.

"more to cmoe nxt wekek" - can't wait for more #TRUTHFACT!

insomnium21893d ago

just put JOY on your ignore list like me. Easy as pie.

Ritsujun1893d ago

JOY's joking on herself, again. LMSBO.

MRMagoo1231893d ago


lol come on now you cant honestly believe they will have as many xbones as sony have ps4s at launch, for a start if it where true why on earth did sony have at least double the amount available for pre order at every single shop doing them ?

JokesOnYou1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

"Definitely not true, I can't respond to every unsourced online rumor . . but that is false."

"Xbox One will have a launch advantage over PS4, claims analyst"

"Xbox One is regaining momentum following a bodged E3 showing, and will also benefit from having two to three times the amount of launch stock of the PS4, Baird analyst Colin Sebastian has told GamesIndustry."

-Of course I don't believe whatever Microsoft says, thats why I added the analyst data its call putting 2 and 2 together to get 4, plus I bet when Cerny says GDDR5 has no latency hes being completely honest and unbiased right? Furthermore that rumor came from the same source who said that the X1 was being downclocked due to yield problems, that turned out to be false which was covered on neogaf, so putting why should I believe him, when he was definitely wrong about the downclocking and Microsoft and verified analysts say the data suggests they will have more stock eventually.

lol, THE IRONY OF CALLING ME BRAINWASHED because I research before forming an opinion and YOU just spew nonsense with no creditable source. Now I bet I won't get a sensible response with backup from legit soources other than fan site polls. lol, consoles are months from launch, no one knows allocations from all retail chains but you guys talk as if you know specific preorder sales and what sales on lauch day will be and I'm the one brainwashed. Yeah right, try harder.

JokesOnYou1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

damm couldnt edit this part in: lol not only were the downclocking rumors which you all believed ultimately ended up being wrong but they actually tweaked the specs for a small performance boost.

nypifisel1892d ago

You don't even know how to find objective information, it doesn't come from biased sources. Analysts know nothing, they speculate but I guess you didn't know this. You just so happen to find those who said those positive things about the X1, how many other analysts do you think there is saying the same thing but about PS4? You calling yourself unbiased is an insult to human intelligence.

I don't honestly know what to say, just the fact that they reduced the launch market points at a smaller initial supply. And don't spew lies, the yield have always been a fact, the natural reaction of a yield problem is a downclock to raise the amount of useable dies - hence a downclock was rumoured. You just don't know how it all works, cause you're not interested in the real world.

1892d ago
MarkusMcNugen1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )


"And don't spew lies, the yield have always been a fact, the natural reaction of a yield problem is a downclock to raise the amount of useable dies - hence a downclock was rumoured. You just don't know how it all works, cause you're not interested in the real world."

I didnt realize rumors were now considered fact. Especially when the opposite of a downclock ends up being the case. You are right that they would downclock if they were having yield issues, but they certainly wouldnt overclock if they were having yield issues. Which is exactly what they did.

Perhaps accepting rumors and offhand information not pertaining necessarily to the rumor as fact is living in the real world? Cause we all know speculation comes true right? Just like those analysts you were complaining about.

Seriously people. Calm down. We will find out soon enough.

nypifisel1892d ago

We don't know what the original goal for GPU clock was, could've been 900, they settled for 800 and then proudly declared they up clocked it to 850 (which is a meagre increase to say the least)

The downclocking rumour was never confirmed from any inside sources, it was just made up since it could've been when pretty solid sources said Xbox were having yield problems

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gaelic_laoch1893d ago

Still 2/3 months till launch how many more markets might slip into 2014?

rainslacker1893d ago

It's also nice they are going to bundle a game with the system as well in those markets being delayed. Nice gestures like that show at least they realize people will be disappointed and helps ease the wait.

bicfitness1893d ago

Yield issues all but said out loud.

MarkusMcNugen1892d ago

Yeah, because instead of downclocking the APU they overclocked the GPU portion of the APU. Is that standard practice when having yield issues?

The answer is No.

showtimefolks1893d ago

i understand that MS wants to focus on the 13 markets but what might end up happening is that many who will want a next gen will get a ps4

same thing happened last gen when xbox360 came out early, many long time PS fans didn't want to wait so they made the switch

on a side note:

which countries ps4 launching?

Potato21893d ago Here is a map of the supported countries on launch day for both systems.

thekhurg1893d ago


LMAO - that's the best picture of this coming gen I've seen yet...

IcicleTrepan1893d ago

@potato, that map is prior to this announcement. Russia is green in it.

MRMagoo1231893d ago

its less than that map now since the downgrade lol so its even worse

MarkusMcNugen1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

I just want to point out that besides three of the people responding to your comment have 3 bubbles, worldwide launches are usually problematic. There are a ton of logistics involved in shipping to every country in the world and manufacturing enough consoles to meet demand in all of them. Last gen was notorious for PS3 shortages all over the world. Both Microsoft and Sonys strategies have their pros and cons.

Hopefully both consoles sell really well. The last thing the gaming industry needs is less competition. Sega dropping their console division so long ago was a sad day for gamers, whether they realized it or not. Thankfully Microsoft stepped in to fill their place.

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Mr Pumblechook1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Just a couple of hours ago Aaron Greenberg DENIED this story.

When asked on twitter if the story was true he said "Ha, don't believe everything you read!" g/status/367664253110476800

onanie1893d ago

"...including Aaron Greenberg's twitter"

paul-p19881892d ago

Aaron Greenberg lied?!?!?! ARE YOU SURE?!?!?! That's never happened before....


ZHZ901893d ago

It was 21 countries now 13... why?

B1663r1893d ago

Selling out in those 13 countries. They won't have enough consoles to meet demand, so no reason start selling in smaller countries until they have enough consoles.

FamilyGuy1893d ago

Wow, they claimed 21 at E3 and are only doing 13, that's practically half.

Why'd they even make such a bold claim?

I'm thinking they just saw where they were getting the highest numbers of pre-orders and decided to focus on those markets rather than seeing a slower sale rate in the others.

It's cool they're going to pack in a game for those that pre-ordered. At least they're showing some care for the interested consumers in those markets. I wonder if it'll be a big retail, and arcade game or an indie title.

Japan not being listed was obvious but what's more interesting will be how japanese developers look at the X1 now. They might decide not to support it (even more) or something.

DoubleM701893d ago

Ahh cut the crap those other territories are getting a free game.

FamilyGuy1893d ago

Only the people that pre-ordered, not everyone in those countries. Read the fine print. Still a good deal considering those that pre-ordered were the ones that wanted it the most anyways. They deserve something for being so loyal after MS basically lied to them. The "lie" = saying that they'd launch in 21 markets.

kewlkat0071893d ago

It is a shame but wasn't this the same for Xbox 360 launch?

The PS3 was delayed almost a year for all...with a higher price and they did fine..

Has there been a console to release in "every" region at the same time recently?

and who cares about japan..I rather have other regions that care about buying it.

showtimefolks1893d ago

japan is with sony and nintendo so even if xbox one does launch on time it won't be able to compete with sony

kewlkat0071892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Did you see how much the 360 sold in Japan after 6 years..compete with Sony where? in Japan..

Microsoft put in some decent effort at jrpgs early in the 360's life-cycle and where did that get them in Japan? Lost Odyssey was a gem this gen.

Yes the console can be release there but who gives a sh!t....obviously they don't.

MS has sold over 70mill 360's something my dear great Dreamcast would of dreamed of and that was a Japanese console maker at one point..

Consoles no longer start and die in Japan..

zekk1893d ago

...I know this isn't the right place to ask but does the x1 have an optical cable port? I noticed the new model of the 360 doesn't have one so it just made me curious

TwistedMetal1893d ago

not launching in japan is gonna be bad. you get less rpgs If you have zero consoles in japan. the only reason some bought the x360 is because ms was getting many japan timed exclusives and such like lost odyssey and such but now they aren't getting those because there japan console base will be like 100 people maximum lol. if you like Japanese games at all you will get the ps4 or you will be stuck just playing call of duty and halo with way less people playing those on xbox one and way more people playing them on the ps4.

andrewsqual1893d ago

I guess we just assumed that they WERE confirmed. Anything else they would like to CONFIRM while they are at it?
@ger2396 Yeah when they expectantly to themselves went back on the DRM thing, they had to remove the original country locked scheme that they had too, much to their dismay.
Don't forget to say your welcome to the people who stood up to this crap by boycotting the console.

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Cherchez La Ghost1893d ago

I know what's part of my 4-day Thanksgiving holiday season!!

GiantEnemyCrab1893d ago

With the Xbox One and PS4 launching close I don't think I'm coming out of my game room until Feb 2014.

So much gaming to be had!

NeutralXP1893d ago

Ps4 isn't anytime soon so don't get your hopes up

dragon821892d ago


We only have about 3 months until launch!! I can't wait.

paul-p19881892d ago

@NeutralXP and for a large amount of the world the xbone will take even longer to arrive :P

bsquwhere1893d ago

Wow NeutralXP tell me more about working for Sony/working in the factory that makes PS4s. Do you live in the future? One company actually makes hardware for a living, the other doesn't (that's why a console made by Sony with software by Microsoft would rule).The X1 wont be out for awhile either if you live in the other 8 regions.

I'm pretty sure you have no idea what neutral means either. Your name should be TrollXP, because that's the only experience your getting here. You should be capped out by now. Jackass.

Cherchez La Ghost1892d ago

LoL!! Funny how people can disagree on what I'm planning on doing.

JordanBlack681893d ago

21 to 13, are they having problems, or just demand?

cleft51893d ago

Probably a little bit of both. The first yield order of a new console tends to sale out regardless of issues. So they might just want to get the console in what they consider to be key markets first.

-Alpha1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

They seem to specify issues with localizing the languages for Kinect, but there is probably more to it.