Best PS3 FPS Titles You Should Play

First person shooter as a genre has seen the survival of many games that have proved to be a mainstay in our consoles.

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Sizzon1893d ago

I would swap Dust 514 with Killzone 2, otherwise good list.

NatureOfLogic1893d ago

Dust 514 is a really good f2p fps.

creized11893d ago

I would so so love to play Dust514 and i did download it, but man... the shooting is just terrible to me at least,:/
If they could fix that i would actually invest a lot of time in it.

HammadTheBeast1893d ago

If you played it in the last two months, then you're completely right.

They completely broke the shooting mechanics, but apparently they're fixing it by the end of August. I like the game, but I can't even touch it since they broke the shooting.

creized11893d ago

yeh exactly my point, I will try it at start of September but i guess i wont play for long cause of GTA xD

sdozzo1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Dust is utter trash. Late to the party and not very fun. Should of held it for ps4. Now they lose that people that are buying the new system.

BlingBlaine1893d ago

Dust is past the point of dying. Less than 4000 players max. That is dead as a doornail.
Lag, framerate issues, terrible graphics, bad hit registration, crap sound, p2w model.

Should have followed Planetside 2's model.

Highly recommend not playing dustP2W514!