NVIDIA Introduces Fastest GeForce Platforms Ever - Optimized for Gaming PCs

New GeForce 9-Series GPUs, NVIDIA nForce 790i-Series MCPs, and NVIDIA SLI Multi-GPU Technology Reinvigorate the PC Market with Best Performance, Power, and Price.

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decapitator3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Another break through, watch this get beat in a month.

Spydr073896d ago

Or just wait for the Sony fanboys to just say how much more gReateSteR the cElL is already.

Tyrael3896d ago

gimme a card that can handle crysis on its highest settings, and you have my money

Kakkoii3896d ago

Intel Quad core with 4GB of DDR3 Ram and 2 Nvidia 9800GX2's should do it lol.

Actually, there's alot of cards that can play Crysis on highest settings.. As long as you don't overdo the Anti-Aliasing and go for almost pointless resolutions.