IBM Watercools Successor of Record-breaking Power6 Supercomputer

San Francisco (CA) - IBM announced the replacement for its record-breaking Power 570 supercomputer. However, the Power 575 is a bit more more than just a successor, since IBM decided that it cannot rely on air-cooling anymore and adopted water-cooling instead: To cool every one of the 16 sockets in the system, IBM uses water-chilled copper plates positioned on top of the Power6 CPUs.

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decapitator3846d ago

IBM am gods of processors confirmed.

Kakkoii3846d ago

Not record breaking..

People have pushed Pentium 4's past 5ghz using liquid nitrogen lol.

DeadlyFire3845d ago

Even so if you start with processor at 5 Ghz the aim should be to get it to 6 Ghz or higher. Its not the first processor to touch 5 Ghz we all know that. I am more surprised that it has 32 cores so much sooner than the others and can still run at 4-5+ Ghz.