Heavy -- REVIEW: ‘Saints Row 4′ is an Elaborately Designed Spectacle of Fun

Swallowing any pretense of grounding in any sort of reality, Saints Row 4 has the leader of the Third Street Saints become President of the United States after stopping a nuclear attack on America. Five years into his reign as the most electable President ever, the custom made hero is attacked unsuspectingly at the White House by an alien race known as the Zin, with their leader Zinyak helming the invasion force. A valiant defense is put up by the President and his men, but the Zin ultimately capture the President, imprisoning him (or her) in a prison of his own design. Like Neo in the Matrix, the President ultimately escapes the illusion, but he/she needs to go back in to defeat Zinyak and liberate the members of the Third Street Saints.

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