Flashback Story Trailer

20 years after the original game’s launch, Conrad is enlisted back to active service for the triumphant return of one of the most acclaimed franchises in gaming history.

Flashback, remake of the iconic 1992 title, will be released on August 21 st as part of the XBLA Summer of Arcade, for 800 Microsoft Points. It will also release on Playstation Network and Digital PC this autumn.

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Neonridr1988d ago

I remember playing the sequel to this game "Fade To Black" on my PC back in 1995.

BlackTar1871988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )

Gonna bust out the xbox for this one loved these games as a youngster. Flashback and Fade to black***

LordMaim1988d ago

Flasback was so much better than Fade to Black. Maybe if this remake does well, they'll fix that game too. :)

Neonridr1988d ago

well Fade to Black was a huge departure from the original because it went into the world of 3D instead of side scrolling. It also removed most of the puzzle solving elements.

I remember enjoying it when I was younger, but that's about it.. lol