Splinter Cell: Blacklist Review | Gamereactor UK

GR-UK writes: "The storyline is significantly better than the shambles we were served during Conviction, were virtually nothing made sense. Absolute purists will still sneer at the differences, but otherwise Splinter Cell: Blacklist is clearly the best game in the series that we have seen on this console generation."

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Gasian2289d ago

All I heard that was bad about it is that there is screen tearing and the voice acting is sub par. But being a Splinter Cell Fan I am glad to say it is back to its roots. Time to get ready for Perfectionist Difficulty. :)

starchild2289d ago

It really does look amazing. I can see that they kept the elements that I loved from the first 3 games and expanded them with new innovations and elements from Conviction. I can't wait to play the PC version where I won't have to deal with the technical limitations like screen tearing.