Saints Row IV Review [GAMINGtruth]

GAMINGtruth contributor Cory Wells takes the Third Street Saints against space invaders in his review of Saints Row IV.

"Saints Row IV, simply put, is extremely fun and entertaining. The game does not intend to be a masterpiece, it just simply offers hours of outlandish humor and 'stupid-fun' gameplay."

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SirNintend02289d ago

Saints Row was always fun for me but I got a little bored after 2. Might have to check this out.

ceedubya92289d ago

Did you play The Third? You probably should play that first, as 4 seems to be similar lots of ways to The Third as opposed to the first 2 games. I believe it is still free on PSN if you are a PLUS memeber (I could be wrong though), so it would be a good to check it out that way.

Cam_is_16bit2289d ago

Aliens and super powers... yup...this series has definitely veered off in its own direction.

CoryHG2289d ago

GAme is fun, just not as gangster.

LaWiiG2289d ago

Definitely wanna play this game.

showtimefolks2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

will wait for a price drop, under $20 is my price point. Many reviewers are saying a lot of rehashed content

but really do want to play it, i think by December this should be in bargain bin


to be honest the game is irrelevant now, go to any site and read/watch the reviews and majority of the comments say they are skipping this game. THQ and the development team confirmed that this was meant as a expansion pack to SR3 but with THQ in need of money this was turned into a full fledged game

what's really sad for me personally is after SR1-2 i had high hopes, SR2 was the high point. Bought SR3 at launch and was hugely disappointed and now this

here is hoping next SR is on next gen consoles and actually goes back to drawing board a bit and seee what worked in first 4 games and what didn't

CoryHG2289d ago

game will be irrelevant on sept 17th.

ceedubya92289d ago

I'd think that if someone is looking forward to GTA V, then pretty much any game during that window would be irrelevant.

ceedubya92289d ago

Reviews seem to be mostly positive across the board. but, if you were dissapointed by SR3, then I doubt IV would change your opinion much.

showtimefolks2289d ago

yeh that's why i am waiting for a price drop before buying, i didn't really like Sr3 so why waste full price money when it can try it out down the road for less

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