When HDTV Meets Style: Sony's Bravia E4000 Series

One thing's for sure about the Japanese electronics' giant, Sony: it has some pretty inventive and talented designers. Most of the products the company has rolled out over the past few years have very eye-catching designs, and that's also the case with the new Bravia E4000 Series of high-definition TV sets, which can compliment just about any type of interior décor.

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decapitator3844d ago

God. Damn. Its really hard to tell its a TV from those from. Damn Sony, you never cease to amaze.

thewhoopimen3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

This is old stuff... Nothing that hasn't already been done. Haven't you guys ever seen Philips Miravision?

Now that's the FTW. When the LCD TV is off, it looks like a mirror in the room AND its framed.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43844d ago

SONY do it better tho;-P

King20083844d ago

Those are perhaps the hottest tv's out! It automatically makes everything in your house look expensive lol.

decapitator3844d ago

You are 100% right man. Damn...

Premonition3844d ago

Bernie Macs voice: Real noice.

tweaker3844d ago

That is sexy! Would be even sexier with the XMB interface.

Gorgon3844d ago

The new Sonys coming out this year will have a XMB interface.

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