Check Out The First Batch of Tales of Xillia DLC Costumes, With More Next Week

AbyssalChronicles: "Tales of Xillia has been out for a few days now, and for those who frequent the PlayStation Store, you may have noticed the first batch of DLC costumes released for the game: The Maid and Butler costumes, The Swimwear costumes and The Color Variation Costumes. Here are a few screenshots for the Maid and Butler ones."


Screenshots of the Swimsuit costumes and Color Variation costumes added. http://www.abyssalchronicle...

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GreatGamePlay2282d ago

Cuteness is an attractive method in making profit.

vishmarx2282d ago

im kinda glad my ce edition order messed up.
i can now actually play the game in other costumes/or else id be one by now

WhateverBlah2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

There is a much better way for them to make profit "real" profit, to release a Japanese audio DLC, this one wont just make them a few bucks but a few millions because this will help to boost the sales of the game I'm speaking for a lot of thousands of copies, & for those people who don't believe that this is going to increase the sales so much, I dare u to go check how bad Atelier Ayesha sold when the fans learn it wont have the Japanese voices for the first time in the series, more than half of the fans didn't get the game, that's a lot of copies there, also for those people who will say that "Tales of.. games never have Japanese audio blah-blah-blah" didn't u ever think how many hardcore JRPG fans might want to play it but never did (or just w8 to dl the Undub) because this feature is missing? think about it a little, those people might be a lot more than u think.

tiffac0082282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

Well when it comes to Atelier Ayesha, its kind of understandable since the dubs of the Atelier series has never been that good and is sometimes cringe worthy.

But ToX dubbing is good. It should not stop JRPG fans from enjoying and supporting the game.

Although the Jap audio DLC is a "GREAT" idea since it has been done on other games before like Soul Sacrifice (not a JRPG though).

Nerdmaster2282d ago

I'm really liking Tales of Xillia, but I still think that it's atrocious to sell costumes (especially for 3 bucks each!) and those "level up" and "gald" packs for 5 bucks.

a7452282d ago

Well that technically is their equivalent price even when they were released in Japan.

Nerdmaster2280d ago

I'm not saying I dislike it in Xillia. I dislike this practice in general. Every game that sells costumes screams "rip off!!". If it sells level ups and in-game money, it scream "even bigger rip off!!".

I played Persona 4 with its tons of costumes, and realized that if it was made nowadays, I would've paid more than $200 to have all the costumes. And they were free one generation ago. Making a costume for a character that already exists isn't that complicated to justify charging $3 for each one. It should be $3 for the pack with all of them (actually, they really should be free).

Sarick2282d ago (Edited 2282d ago )

I'd rather have perks that enhance game play not just costumes. Hey if you're going to pay for content at least let it be useful like more secret bosses or a future mode.

Suduken actually had a 3rd story where you could play the enemies plot point of view after beating the main stories.

AsimLeonheart2282d ago

I hate this nickle and diming by game companies in the name of DLC. >_< All of these extras used to exist within the game to begin with. DLC started as a way to extend the life of a game by providing meaningful add-on but in the end has turned out to be a means of squeezing more money from the customer by offering petty unlockables for money.

Hicken2282d ago

If only companies weren't frequently so focused on squeezing every single dime they can out of their consumers, they'd actually get MORE money out of them.

Oh, well. I'll just keep playing the hell outta this game, sans the DLC.