Could Pikmin 3 Or Metroid Boost U.S. Wii U Sales?

Could North America's Pikmin 3 release help boost Wii U sales much the same way that Pikmin 3 did for Japanese Wii U sales? What about a Metroid release?

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BOWZER352287d ago

Pikmin 3 won't as much as Metroid, even though people should really check out Pikmin 3 because they are missing out.

levian2287d ago

Pikmen 3 probably won't create Wii U sales. I don't think any one game would, except possibly this new Zelda game we haven't heard much about.

A console needs a solid three of four GOOD exclusives for someone to go out and buy it. Metroid, Zelda, Smash Bros, and X (xenoblade sequel) would be plenty for me, and probably many others. Sadly, these won't be seen until 2014 at the earliest, probably 2015

darthv722287d ago

This thing about the wii-u is those who bought the wii dont really know about the benefits of trading up.

granted nintendo will have the mario and zelda and possibly a metroid game. but those will really appeal to the core gamers. what nintendo needs are games that will grab the attention of the crowd that bought into the wii initially.

they need a specialized mario party or wario mini game that can take advantage of the gamepad and bring in a bunch of people that are into fun and quirky experiences like they had on the wii.

once you have them then you spring the staples on them. Nintendo has already said that lack of content is what is hurting the wii-u right now. They are already addressing that with new announcements of games coming soon but they need to really put the pressure on 3rd parties to bring forth their games that are fun and quirky and can show how the wii-u is different than the wii.

Games games games is what the wii-u needs.

levian2287d ago

You're totally right.

My previous comment I suppose was more about how to draw in the CORE gamers, with their main franchises. I really only talked about that because that's the only aspect of the system I personally care about.

But I think what you said is more accurate. The casual market is definitely the majority, and bringing in some games that the casual player enjoys will bring up the Wii U sales more than anything. That being said, if those games come to the system before the major Nintendo franchises, my system will continue to gather dust for another year or two until they do release.

swice2287d ago

Well, if there were a Metroid on Wii U right now, I'd have one.

2287d ago
krontaar2287d ago

If there was a proper metroid (no other m shit) then yes, they have my purchase.