No Game is Worth $60

Chris writes, "So what am I talking about? I am talking about the video game market and how it has decided that games are not worth 60$. I am talking about how the used game debate is a complete non-issue for the patient consumer. And I am going to tell you why you don’t have to spend $60 on any game."

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the_hitman30002291d ago

Well that is all based on Opinion lots of people sure to seem the price is worth it this gen. I'd imagine with next gen being able to more than current gen games and the price will be the same I can't really see complaining.

Benjammin252291d ago

The Last Of Us was worth every cent I payed for it. And I bought the Ellie Edition which cost me 80 euro over here in Ireland. People who smoke or drink heavily will easily waste that much money in a week on their habit, and that's much worse, because your just pissing away money and screwing with your health. In comparison, 50 euro or 60 dollars for a game that you can keep forever or trade in for money suddenly doesn't seem like that bad of a deal.

Reverent2291d ago

I don't mean to sound like a total fanboy here, but when I first bought The Last of Us, I bought it digitally. That was a huge mistake. It was too much of a great game for me to not own the physical copy. So I actually went out and purchased another one. Now I have a completely unopened case that I can leave unopened while I use the digital version to actually play from.

So I spent $120 on that game. I still think it was worth every penny.

guitarded772291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

It should be::: Not every game is worth $60. Some games are worth far more than $60. For example Red Dead Redemption... I got so much quality gameplay time out of it, it was worth far more than $60 to me. If you figure a movie ticket is $8-$12 on average, and I got 100 hours of good gameplay, that's like $400 of value on the low end when compared to going to a theater. Then again, there are crappy games not worth $20 at launch. Ultimately it is subjective to the player, but some games have a fairly universal value or lack of.

The Last of Us, Skyrim and Heavy Rain are also good examples of single player $60 games worth the money.

Canary2291d ago

I disagree. I'd say most games aren't worth it this gen, as they've gotten smaller and shorter.

$60 is way too much for the average game these days--the super-linear, heavily scripted, 8-hour game. Especially when you can buy much bigger, longer-lasting, more open titles--like Red Dead Redemption, Dark Souls, Civilization, Total War, Skyrim, etc.--for the same price.

This is why I buy almost all of the big AAA Western releases on Steam for 75% off.

the_hitman30002291d ago

@Benjammin25 & Reverent

I agree with both of you The Last Of Us was definitely worth the money best game this year so far.

ATi_Elite2291d ago

Arma 3 is worth $80 but I only paid $35 I think!

Games are $60 so that the Store (Best Buy, Walmart, Game Stop, etc.) can make a profit from selling games.

Publishers sell games to the stores for like $20 then he store sells them to you and I for $60.

That's why online stores like Steam make so much cash for publishers cause Steam doesn't take that much of a cut and the games sell FOREVER.

iceman062291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

I don't see it as opinion. I see it as a play on the word WORTH. Worth can be both objective and subjective in a way. The subjective worth of a game is simply whether or not a consumer feels that the value of the product reflects the price. The objective worth is directly impacted by what the market (which consumers basically dictate by their willingness to purchase and supply and demand concepts) allows.

His point is that the market reflects that games are only objectively worth the $60 initially and that is only because millions of people are willing to pay that price. During this generation, which was almost entirely during a recession, we saw the price of games rapidly fall after release. Why? Not as many people were able to afford it. Or, in the author's terms, the market dictated that the worth of the game had to fall in order to sell the most.

medman2290d ago

Games, like any other consumer product, is worth what the average consumer will pay. When the market changes, consumers attitudes towards a particular product will change with changing circumstances. Saying no game is worth 60 dollars is ignoring the obvious market factors that contribute to the pricing of any product/item. I could sit here and say no watch is worth 2 million, or no home is worth 40 million, but the fact remains you have people who have money willing to spend it on those items. So at the end of it, it doesn't matter what you think if people are willing to put down money for a particular product.

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n4rc2291d ago

So if I get hundreds of hours of entertainment on said game.. Somehow $60 is too much?

$60 is like 2h at the bar.. Lunch for the week etc...

People have strange values when it comes to money..

Would I like them cheaper? Sure!
Are crap games worth $60? Hell no

Are quality games worth it? Absolutely

The Meerkat2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Some of the best games I've played this gen were ones I overlooked at launch and picked up a year later for £10-£15.

I've learnt my lesson. All single player games can wait until prices drop.
EDIT: Well, maybe with the exception of GTAV

n4rc2291d ago

I do the same sometimes..

I'll never buy a multiplayer game late but I've picked up quite a few offline titles over the years once they go on sale

dabiggamehunter2291d ago

GTA V is also a multiplayer :)

BoneIdle2291d ago

Yea I go to the cinema it costs $15 for around 2 hours entertainment. I will get hundred of hours from a game. Even a really short game around 8 hours with no multiplayer offers similar value for money.

FamilyGuy2291d ago

I say single player games can wait, games that have no multiplayer or have a multiplayer aspect that you have no interest in.

I've seen tons of 2 to 4 month price drops in the last year or two. The only real reason to get a game day one is so you aren't too far behind your friends on the multiplayer. Some multiplayer communities are all but dead if you wait a whole year to pick up the game.

This article has a lot of valid points but most of us know this stuff already and are still willing to shell out the full amount. I don't buy or sell used games, I like having the collection, but I will wait for a sale occasionally. Jrpgs mostly.

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SeanScythe2291d ago

Uncharted Series, GTA, RDR, TLoU, BF, & KillZone just to name a few that I had no problem paying for. It supports the Developers and servers that allow me to play online longer.

SegaSaturn6692291d ago

I wouldnt spend 60 dollars on a PC game. It depends on the platform.

orakle442291d ago

Why does it matter the platform? A AAA title on pc, ps3/4, 360/one, all should be the same price imo. You're getting the same game for all three, why would pc be cheaper to you?

SegaSaturn6692291d ago

It's kind of a strange phenomenon, I guess.

Because of rampant piracy, install times, system compatibility issues, it made the main value of console gaming: simplicity.

It's interesting that nowadays game installation has become a console sided addition. Still though, I don't have to worry about graphics cards or driver issues with consoles.

MidnytRain2291d ago

Well, speaking from a principle perspective, you typically pay more for a PC. From a practical perspective, you don't need to go through Sony or Microsoft to sell your games. I don't know where that extra $10 is coming out of.

CaptainPunch2291d ago

I doubt I can wait for GTA V to drop in price before I pick it up. Getting it day one! Some games are worth the $60.

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