How Nintendo's Wii U Blew It with Online Games

The Wii U has had trouble attracting and keeping third-party publishers, and now it can add one more big name to the no-fly list: Bethesda. While this is bad news for Nintendo on its own, it’s also indicative of Nintendo’s erratic relationship with online play.

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falcon971944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

What a load of shite Moonlith soft have X with 4 player co-op in graphics that are mind blowing who cares,let Bethesda make games for 2 consoles and pc,while WiiU gets all of Moonliths attention ie X is only on wiiu,will only raise the quality that's all i know....

mcstorm1944d ago

What I find funny about this site at the moment is its full of negative posts about the WiiU and Xbox one yet there is noting positive or negative about the PS4 apart from it is doing well in the Amazon pre orders.

The WiiU online is a good service and it is starting to get the games that will take advantage of it too soon and X dose look an amazing game I cant wait to play it.

mii-gamer1944d ago

lol what the hell did I read. Incoherent and unconvincing article.

TuxedoMoon1944d ago

Are the Dragon quest online games on the wii and wii-u? I know it's on the wii, but it's not hardware limitations that's stopping developers form putting games on the's the developers (and most likely publishers) not wanting to put that much effort into it. If worrying about sales was thrown out the window, I'm sure developers all over would being putting 150% effort into their games.

Concertoine1944d ago

Depends on what you mean by good sales. If we're talking wii or ps2 sales, i doubt they would put as much effort as you think.
Those systems sold so well anything was guarranteed to make money, and so their libraries suffer from heaps upon heaps of shovelware.
I think the 360 and ps3 are the sweet spot in terms of sales, with the gamecube being at the bad lower end and wii being at the bad higher.

Erdrick1944d ago

i actually downloaded an offline beta version of the game and played it on pc lol

josephayal1944d ago

my Wii U has been perfect since Day 1, way better than PSN and LIVE

BOWZER351944d ago

How much did you pay for it again? The online?

Concertoine1944d ago

As a nintendo fan who played 360 most of this gen, im disappointed with the lack of emphasis on online. When people defend nintendo's couch co-op fixation, and say that online coop isnt needed, it disappoints me further.
Adding an online component to SM3DW would not detract from the game in any way, only add. But when the fans don't ask for it we will never see it.
Coming from 360, seeing the bare necessities that the ps4, one, hell even the vita have like cross game chat absent from the wii u's online is very annoying.
Even the virtual console is bad right now. The wii launched with n64, nes, snes, and genesis games and almost a year later the wii u has less games.