Sony unaware of alleged PS3 error

Sony has told Eurogamer that it is unaware of any issues regarding the mysterious PS3 error codes supposedly popping up around the world.

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Premonition3844d ago

Im a sony fan, but we know when someone is lying, i mean when we call in to the service department or whatever to report these problems, how does sony not hear about this? and this area has been around since launch, mines has been gone for about a good 7-9 months now, I guess do to the firmware updates or the fact I reformatted my HDD.

Kleptic3844d ago

its not that...its this website...last night some website confirmed what it was through Sony...

Its not a hardware error...its a firmware/software error...its caused by a number of things...its semi-fixable, but could involve replacing your HDD if a bad sector caused it...

A lot of the 40gigs shipped with this...the error causes the drive to not read BD games properly...and I remember right when the 40gig came out a lot of people returning the system for a replacement because it wouldn't read the discs...

the other article pointed out that future firmware updates are supposed to have full roll-back support, which they don't now...which is entirely the problem...a bad os update is what causes this, whether your system turns off during the installation, or your HDD craps for a can get stuck with it temporarily...

articles like this are just examples of the media trying to make a big deal out of nothing...You have to admit its been several months since anything negative has been said about the PS3 that was actually true...must be driving those people crazy...

Sir Ken Kutaragi 43844d ago

It's just a lie, like that yellow light thingy!;-D

MrBii3844d ago

Well lets see...0.1% defect rate. Thats why.

This isnt the 360 we are talking about. This is the Playstation 3.

Good old reliable Japanese hardware.

Rozgar233844d ago

True it could be the updates either the updates are failures or people dont update and some games needs the update to keep the PS3 stable.

Britjadg3844d ago

soo um basically what we're saying is that those who have supposedly had this error are lying?

That or sony were unaware of the problem - although in fairness to them, they are probably aware of it now. not liking the phrase "i have spoken to our customer services team..." either btw, it strikes me as peculiar that there would be a single customer services team for all regions - i would think the different languages spoken around the world alone would prove quite a barrier.

anyways whatever, people are making more out of this error code than they should. especially when you consider failure rates for tech in general (and compare it to the opposition *COUGH*)

Fishy Fingers3844d ago

LOL... Yeah well MS ain't heard of RROD before either!

Bah, who care's anyway, the only broken 360/PS3 I care about are mine, and fortunately, both are up and running perfectly :)

for now...

Britjadg3844d ago

in fairness thats actually quite funny.

well played!

AllroundGamer3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

my 360 is running only with a fixed towel over the half of the ventilation holes on it's back. Really no joke, that way he won't freeze on me (i was getting red vertical lines over the screen after playing a couple of minutes). I figured, that it needs to have higher temperature, but not so far, that it would overheat and show me the default 2 red rings...

Richdad3844d ago (Edited 3844d ago )

If your 360 doesnt has warranty left then do the X-calmp trick it works for sure consult someone who has success for it and it doesnt replace it call to Ms it will come under RROD category for sure. Also now they are fixing 360 better most people who got them fixed after January are not having complains.
Dont do the Towel technique it will burn your chip for sure yes belive the RROD is due to faulty solder the GPU and CPU remain intact, think this as some one GPU gets off the PCI expres socket of PC. If you need help mail me. I have a better technique (easier) than X-clamp and if you send it to MS best there reapir has gone way too better.

travelguy2k3844d ago

is probably telling the truth, i mean sure Sony is aware that there are errors, thats the whole point of having customer service, its because there are errors. But whet they are saying is that they are unaware of a greater problem, meaning there are not enough of he same "error" reports showing up to warrant wide spread panick.

In the wise words of Microsoft "things Break"

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