Multi media on the Playstation 4?

"DLB discusses what Sony could bring to there next generation console the Playstation 4 on the media side of things. Playstation have already announced they will keep working on brining multi media apps to the Playstation 4 like Netflix, Video/music unlimited....."

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Godmars2901944d ago

Well that was seven minutes wasted...

Doubt they're going to get live TV. Not in the US at least.

satam551944d ago

All Sony would have to do is put Live-TV cable-provider apps that are on Android/iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Xbox, & other devices on the PS4 to achieve this.

darthv721944d ago

sony is a content provider of movies and tv shows so the idea of them adding media apps is quite obvious.

They dont want to take the focus off the game aspect though. That is why both Ms and Sony have built essentially the same platform but one has a focus on entertainment (gaming) and the other has a focus on entertainment (in general).

No one ever said sony wouldnt do this but they are just doing what they did with the ps3. Make gaming the main focus and bring in all the conveniences as they see fit.

satam551944d ago

Also, yesterday Sony just released the "Live Events Viewer" app to the PS3 that allows you to watch Live PPV & other Live events on your PS3.

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e-p-ayeaH1944d ago

A game console with great games that´s all i ask for.

Khajiit861944d ago

I got a satellite reciever that i could watch live tv on. It really is not that hard to pickup a remote controller and change the channels on my television.

darthv721944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

It may not be hard but its even easier to say: tv.

okay, i kid...i kid

Muerte24941944d ago

yeah, agreed. From what I've seen, people will always get whatever their friends have. It's just that plain and simple. If three of this guy's friends all have ps4, then naturally he's going to get a ps4 to play with them. There is a reason why Xbox360 was called the "Brobox".

isarai1944d ago

i get a GAME console to play GAMES, if i want to watch live TV i'll press "TV" on my remote, simple as that. anything the console does beyond that is a bonus

satam551944d ago

We're probably gonna have to wait till CES 2014 in January for the Sony Electronics division (not SCE) to start pushing & promoting the media-entertainment/social features of the PS4.

Aceman181944d ago

Exactly if I wanted to watch TV I could do that with my cable already and use the 500 X1 costs to pay bills, or other things look Lol.

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