Xbox One: The One Feature That Nobody Seems To Be Talking About

GamingBolt: "Following the reveal of the Xbox One in May and with a subsequent presentation at E3, the amount of attention the Xbox One has been receiving is truly worthy of a next-gen console."

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golding891894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Sounds good. "We’ve already seen this running with the Xbox One’s ability to switch between games and applications."

Though many people won't know what Vmware is lol.

Neoninja1894d ago

"Though many people won't know what Vmaware is"

That was the case with me, but after doing a little research and talking with a few people on here I understand what it is and does.

Its a neat little feature and I'm surprised how easily something like this could be forgotten.

BiggCMan1894d ago

I didn't know there was a name or that a specific software was needed for switching between apps/games/media etc..

So in other words, XBO will do just what smartphones and computers do nowadays. Easily switching between tasks without interrupting one of them. This is great for both XBO and PS4, as they both do the same now.

It's always frustrating, more so on PS3, how slow everything is to go from a game to Netflix, or the PS Store etc..

Xbox 360 certainly does it a bit faster, but you still need to exit from everything, so keeping tabs open for each program is a glorious thing for new consoles.

redwin1894d ago

So we are beginning to understand that next gen us not just hardwear but also softwear. I don't care what anybody says, I trust MS over many other companies out there. But, it remains a business and we have to understand that.

GameNameFame1894d ago

Its something both consoles can do.

Thats why it is getting less attention.

The differentiating factors are games, specs, TV.

JokesOnYou1894d ago

I think the difference is you can't "snap" back and forth like the X1 can because of the hypervisor.

mcgrottys1894d ago


consoles last gen had hyper visors as well but mostly for security reasons, the big thing about the xbox 1's hypervisor is that it will be using barely any overhead because it well be running directly off the hardware unlike most other applications where it is running on top of the OS. That causes performance issues because it is might be developed in a language such as C or C++. That means the code from the hyper visor still needs to be converted to machine/assembly code and then processed while the xb1 is most likely written in assembly already.

Also here is a link on the 360 hyper visor

GameNameFame1894d ago

@jokes on you

and PS4 has secondary processor....
Hypervisor is just software that leeches off of X1's already weaker spec.

PS4 has a dedicated processor to do this.

slimpickens1894d ago


So what,good for them? I personally don't care what the PS4 can probably do. This is about XBO which ironically is all I care about and which is why I'm here. It's like here we are talking about something we like and some stranger comes in talking about something nobody is even thinking of. The XB0 has the games I like and is in no way inferior as of right now to PS4. Maybe 5 or 6 years down the road but for now why should I give a frack? If there is some huge difference years from now then yeah we can talk but other then that seriously it doesn't matter right now.

nukeitall1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

The PS4 OS is based on FreeBSD and is designed to run like a traditional OS. It won't be as robust as running a hypervisor and VMs like MS is doing. This really has to be designed with instant switching in mind from the start, otherwise it might not even be possible.

The 3 OS solution that MS is using is completely self contained, and if one crash it won't affect another. It is very robust and sound way of doing it.

Christopher1894d ago

JokesOnYou is correct. You can't snap back exactly like XBOne because of the hypervisor. Which is a weak element on a PC since malware and the like can abuse the concept to access OS data and become nigh impossible to detect.

But, having said that, multiprocessing and enough RAM will allow someone to snap back and forth from movie, game, music, etc. reasonably fast without the need for hypervisor. Example: iPad 2+ app switching and PSVita multiprocessing.

Hypervisor is better, just not _that_ much better. But, still, better.

JokesOnYou1894d ago

@Gamefamename, I'll tell you what when both consoles are out in the wild plenty of sites are going to do the inevitable UI comparisons then we will see how the weaker spec console compares to the superior spec console. Hopefully you will be around for comments then.

BABYLEG1894d ago

I'm with jokes on this. Those OS comparisons are right around the corner

boing11894d ago

The latest firmware update for PS4 dev kit also has full multitasking.

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komp1894d ago Show
HystericalGamez1894d ago

You can't use Snap on AAA games. Meaning no Skype, or switching to apps, or picture in picture when you're playing COD, BF4, or any other AAA games

Grown Folks Talk1894d ago

Incorrect. You can't have the AAA game as the small snapped item. You can snap on top of the game.

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mcstorm1894d ago

@golding89 The xbox one is not running on VMware its running on Hyper-V its the same thing kind of but it is made by Microsoft.

We use Hyper-V at work and it is a very stable and flexible bit of hardware that dose not need a big amount of resources. We even have a Quad core I5 pc at work with 32GB of ram running 9 server OS's and different bits of software on them and the way it manages to keep the servers running fast and without lag is impressive.

I am looking forward to getting the xbox one and I know this site is for some reason a hater of the One and the WiiU but I really like the look of them both well love the WiiU at the moment as I have one but I think all the console that are out and coming out are great and all have + and - sides to them as nothing will ever be perfect.

Kleptic1893d ago

I'm with you on the Xbox One not being as 'bad' as everyone is making it out to be...but come on, man...a WiiU?...that thing is just a disaster on every level...

I have no preferences other than the products themselves...I love games, but have never been the type of person that HAS to play every decent game made...this hobby, for me, has always been laced with compromise...

with the 360 and Ps3...Gears looked awesome, and the PS3 had just launched an absolutely retarded price point...before GoW, there was absolutely nothing that interested me in a 360...My younger cousin had a 360 and bought GoW, we played the shat out of it...and his 360 popped twice in a 2 month time frame (the replacement from best buy died within a few hours)...and while gears of war was fun, there was no way i was spending money on the ghetto-ass device (at the time) needed to play it...and by the time they fixed the hardware, imo the 360 was quickly becoming 'mr. multiplat'...

so the decision was easy...i bought a ps3...which ended up dying itself a few years later...and i can't say overall i've been that thrilled with it as a console, regardless of that...the OS absolutely sucks, always has, and there are day 1 promised features sony talked about before release that STILL are not around...that is pretty much unacceptable to me...and gives me zero loyalty when moving forward...the only brand preference i have remotely is because of Sony's 1st party studios, and the ridiculous games they make regularly...

this time eyes for the announcement of both the ps4 and Xbox One...MS made the decision very easy once again...only this time, seems like every other week something comes out that makes the system more attractive to me...drm gone, always connected bs gone, and even better...the hint of the xbox one becoming kinect-less...

I'm not buying either at far i'm looking more towards a Ps4, but if MS miraculously announces a console without kinect at a similar price...i have some serious considerations to make...

mcstorm1893d ago

Lol So what you were trying to say was you don't know what to go for as they all have issues.

I have to disagree about the Wiiu though. I loved the SNES and N64 and gamecube but the wii was a bit of a loss for me. I liked the look of the Wiiu and yes it had not had many exclusics so far but after Playing MarioU, Pikmin 3, Lego City it has been a nice change from playing shooting games that I have spend playing for the last 7 years on my ps3 and 360.

As for the OS on the PS3 I agree it has really let the console down it is and always has been slow and lacks the slickness the 360 has had from the start. We have not seen to much of the PS4 os but quite a lot of the 360's and I have been impressed with it. As for Kinect 2 I am happy to use it with the new console as it looks a lot more like Project Natal than Kinect 1 was. Also I was happy with the DRM as I could see the + sides to it but im happy to not have it too as it also has + sides.

Ive decided not to go with the PS4 at the start of this gen as for me the One and the WiiU have more games im interested in at the start but like always im sure ill pickup the PS4 to complete my collection of consoles in the end.

Gaming is a hobby for me to but I tend to play games for 1 or 2 hours a night rather than watch crap on tv.

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Ksar1894d ago

Exciting feature indeed. Can't wait to have my Xbox One :)

stage881894d ago

Snapping apps is a nice feature but nothing that can't be made easier when I have my phone right next to me.

Rhinoceros1894d ago

The kinect will be what you'll want to use in this situation. I just hope voice recognition is on POINT.

HugoDrax1893d ago

Voice recognition isn't too bad on X360, I'd rate it a 4 out of 10 when navigating the UI, or watching Netflix. I've had the most luck when using voice commands to play Mass Effect 3, which sometimes improved the gameplay during intense battle situations lol. I found myself panicking and desperate for help, and began shouting out any command "Singularity! Lift! Push!" Hahaha! This will backfire on me when I get pissed off and scream at Dead Rising 3, as I'll have no where to hide. Safest bet will be to get to high ground when you want to rest, as no place will be safe from a horde...

theWB271894d ago

I remembered this. Too bad it hasn't been elaborated on and the reversals have received more press. I'm sure there'll be someone, or a quite a few, who'll dismiss this as a gimmick.

For titles like KI...I don't think you can snap a movie, but you can snap and search the internet. Smaller functions can be snapped with big titles.

n4rc1894d ago

I think they explained that the game has to be on the main screen.. You can't snap a game

But you should be able to run KI and have a movie in the snapped screen..

But you can't have a movie on the main screen and snap a game in the corner.

That's how I understood its limitations

theWB271894d ago

Yea...that sounds about right. Nice clarification.

Belking1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

The features of the xbox-one easily kills the competition. Snap will indeed come in handy.

Angeljuice1894d ago

Yes, I've often wanted to have the internet on screen, or talk to a friend on Skype, or even watch tv whilst I'm in a really intense moment of videogaming Belking, that feature just kills the competition./s

I don't have a problem with the feature itself, just Bellend saying the same crap about every single thing revealed.

AA batteries, that just murders Sony's efforts.
Day one Sticker, Sony fans are crying now.

Honestly Bellend, give it up, nobody is swayed either way by you constant moronic outbursts. All you do is turn every thread you enter into the same old playground argument, please let people discuss things without bringing it down to this nonsense every time.

Gekko361894d ago

chill out man. Dont be a nob. let him rant and just block him. Im going back to doctor who.

Deadpoolio1894d ago

Well except for of course the FACT that MS doesn't have any features that the PS4 doesn't also have with the exception of watching Tv through your Xbox on your Tv instead of the more common sense watching Tv on your Tv and waiving your arms around talking to the kinect.....0 They both have the same features fanboy troll try harder next time

H0RSE1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

The HDMI input on the xbox one can be used with other devices than just a TV. For example, it was recently revealed that you can plug your 360 into it and play 360 games on your X1. It will be interesting to see what other devices can be used with the port and if any clever setups come out of it. PC's and home theater equipment will likely work as well.

The HDMI input is in fact a feature that PS4 does not have, regardless if you're interested in it or not. The custom/updated hypervisor software is another.