1UP Review Crew: Crisis Core and Dark Sector

Perhaps you recall when we posted a test run of a brand new review-focused video podcast where 1UP's best and brightest shared their thoughts on Super Smash Bros. Brawl last month. Well, since then a lot has changed. For example, 1UP has switched filming locations from a barren basement to... a barren basement covered by a stylish black curtain! Check out the new hotness below, courtesy of GameVideos.

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The Killer3847d ago

they r bias site and why should we care about that guy opinion about giving FF7:CC B+?? thanks buddy but i can rate that game by my self!!

decapitator3847d ago

I like this new way of reviewing games. Although, I disagree with both scores. Both games are awesome.

permutated3847d ago

This is by far the worst setup for reviews I've ever seen.

I want more of a news-like review system, not so much blog-ish "I don't remember the story but it was bland" bullsh!t.

Give us the facts, let us decide.

cooke153846d ago

Why is this in the Wii section?

kingOVsticks3846d ago

I was just about to ask that