Xbox One will only launch in a few European countries in november

PSX-Sense writes "Together with other sites we received word that the Xbox One will only launch in the UK, Ireland, Italy, France, Spain and Germany in november. Rest of Europe will get the console in Q1 2014"

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mewhy321893d ago

I guess it was European gamers' turn to get screwed by micro$oft.

MWong1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

This is old. M$ already stated at E3 they will be launching in only 21 markets and a limited release in those countries. In 2014, they will release in additional countries.

THC CELL1893d ago

Had tons of calls asking if it was delayed at work. 2 tried to can orders, told em it's a rumor

Ketzicorn1893d ago

But it can't be true!!! Well... It seems it partly is true. I'm getting an XB1 and PS4 at launch but it's comical how much defending of MS and denial some of the fans are in with everything like Kinect being required(they defended that to the death that it was the brain of the system it wouldn't work without it and then MS said what they said earlier wasnt true and it turned into damage control for it)I wonder if they know you can still like a product and call the company behind it out when they are feeding you BS.

n4rc1893d ago

PSX-Sense writes ..

Annnnd I stopped reading...

A PlayStation fansite in Holland must have some great sources at Microsoft.. Lol

M4GN3T1893d ago

Retailer sources actually, and yes, we do have those =)

LeCreuset1893d ago

Now confirmed by MS lol.

M4GN3T1893d ago

Exactly, guess our Sources where not that bad after all huh? lol

n4rc1893d ago

Get it right once and awhile Lol..

These are pretty small markets tho.. Not a huge impact..

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