How Can Next-Gen Tech Create More Immersive Games

With the current console generation coming to a close,onlysp look ahead at the next-generation of Playstation 4/Xbox One and discuss how their impressive technology as well other tech can be used to create more immersive games. OnlySP Editor-in-Chief Lachlan Williams and writer Nathan Hughes give their opinions below.

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mewhy322289d ago

Well if this thing can take full advantage of the power offered by the PS4, and not be held back by the lowest common denominator xbone, then we'll see some truly amazing things.

CalamityCB2289d ago

Lol, you really think the Xbox One is going to hold back the PS4 this generation and is the lowest common denominator graphically next gen (Wii U)?
Pull the fan boy stick out of your ass, the only thing that will separate consoles will mostly be first party games. The only platform that wont have its full advantage used is the PC as it is ever evolving to more powerful hardware while consoles stay the same until a new generation.

Khajiit862289d ago

I play both and yeah The Xbox 360 holds back the PS3. Play gears and then play uncharted. You will see what I mean

starchild2289d ago

Give me a break. The difference isn't that great. Play a high end PC game and then you will see what a real difference is.

And the difference that does exist between Uncharted and Gears of War probably has more to do with the talent of Naughty Dog than any hardware difference.

Prcko2289d ago

I can't w8 to see full potential of ps4 console
Exciting times ahead for sure

lawks_land2289d ago

Glad they mention Oculus. That's going to be the next big thing.

Tiqila2289d ago

more realistic visuals + advanced human-like AI
= more immersive game.

not too difficult to see that, no?!