Diehard GameFAN: Saints Row IV Review

DHGF: Saints Row IV is a hilarious, over-the top experience that’s full of variety, satire and sheer content, even if it’s not the most original experience on the market. The writing is hilarious through clever jokes and satire that’s funny even if you don’t understand the subject while managing to convey serious plot points in compelling fashion, the visuals are high quality and interesting, the audio is basically excellent across the board, and the game is simple to play and makes great efforts to make sure you understand it. Mechanically, the game takes elements from the standard Saints Row formula and crossbreeds them with sandbox superhero game elements into a game that allows you to basically play however you want, and between the character customization, variety of weapons, and sheer volume of missions to take on, you’ll find that there’s a ton of content here to play with and enjoy.

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