Dying Light Fact Sheet Revealed

Ahead of the expected playable build at this month’s Gamecom, taking place in Cologne, Germany, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed a brand new factsheet for the forthcoming Dying Light. Set to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC next year, Dying Light is currently in development at Techland.

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SeanScythe1890d ago

I can't wait should be fun. PS4 version for me hope it comes out sooner than later next year

ABeastNamedTariq1890d ago

Didn't Techland develop Dead Island? It was either then or Deep Silver (I think they published it). The game sounds interesting, but I'll wait and see with cautious optimism.

Gster1890d ago

I reckon it will be a bit like dead island as regards the weaponry and crafting system, but the visuals and graphics will be sweet. I reckon the scale will have to be fairly large to cater for the type of gameplay, providing you with plenty of great ways to use your characters ability to run, jump, scale and climb. And I believe you'll need all the abilities you have to escape from zombies that will be as quick as you. Should be a lot of fun with 4 people aswell.

MiasmaDodo1890d ago

these guys really like zombies.
how about create a game without them?

just sayin