What will become of Wii U

It’s pretty much common knowledge by now that Nintendo are struggling with the Wii U, especially following recent news that partner Asda are pulling the console from their stores in favour of promoting the 3DS and making it available through online channels only.

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golding891893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

The wii u price is fine right now. Their problem is content.

Although with Xbox one and PS4 release lurking around, It is not looking too good.

Though Nintendo will be ok.

GreatGamePlay1893d ago

I have an Idea, Port some high-quality MMOs on it, such as ArcheAge, Blade & Soul, Phantasy Star Online 2, FFXIV:ARR.

mewhy321893d ago

Ya know that's a pretty good idea. The console is well suited for that with the second screen and all. If Nintendo did that and got some of the famous exclusive software out there, the little box may be able to pull off a comeback. I believe that they will also have to introduce a price cut into the mix to stay viable against the likes of PS4.

NYC_Gamer1893d ago

Wii U will be fine once more quality software lands on the console

boybato1893d ago

No doubt about that. We all know games are coming out for it, the question is how SOON.

Neonridr1893d ago

Pikmin 3 came out a week and a half ago. Game #1 on the Nintendo Gravy Train.

thezeldadoth1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

pikmin 3 alone caused a 117% sales spike in japan.

These wii u doom articles are a waste of time for both the writers of the article and for readers. Its not doomed, its not gonna be doomed, just move on from the idea.

Concertoine1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I am just so damn sick of these articles lol. As long as nintendo makes money off the wii u, theyre happy. They dont care where they sit in some petty console race.
They consider their worst selling home console gamecube, a system which only sold twice what the dreamcast sold in 3 years, a success. Why? They made money.
All i know is i see enough games through 2014 to make me choose a wii u over a ps4 (which i will get end of 2014), and thats a quite a feat for a "doomed" system.
Yeah like ive said before, the wii u will at the very least stand out as a system with individuality in a gen that (like last) will largely consist of multiplat games. And i respect nintendo's descision to not make a black box that plays ps4/one games, just as much as i question it.

thezeldadoth1893d ago

having a high end gaming PC, the only console worth getting until maybe end of 2014 mid 2015 is a Wii U. All other multiplats will be better on PC and the unique nintendo games with tablet controls can only be played on Wii U.

If you don't own a gaming PC, i could see getting a ps4 or xbox one.

dredgewalker1893d ago

Well I have to say that Sony's greatest strength is also exclusives along with Nintendo.

Williamson1893d ago

I will play my Wii u for exclusives, a lot of good ones coming in the next couple of months. Bayonetta 2 being the one I'm looking forward to the most.

danny8181893d ago

The price is not okay. Its $50 than than the ps4. That is not okay. When the proce drop and content comes, the consile will rise

Sincere01211893d ago

Wii U is priced just right. Its Ps4 that needs a price cut.

danny8181893d ago

Spec wise the ps4 eats the wiiU tho.

marloc_x1893d ago

I would feel the same..but PS4 does not come with the Vita for the 400$ danny boy.

Sincere01211893d ago

Danny boy also forgets that ps4 beats wii U in hardware, but Wii U beats ps4 in every other area, better quality games, gameplay, innovation, backwards compatibility, free online play and costs less.

danny8181893d ago

love how I got the name danny boy lmao... but really the I mean its less to cheaper in the long run but the issue is when the price is being justified but the tablet controller, it has last gen specs with... its my opinion. I might get a wiiu just to play ghost online for free and Mario but i'll get it in a heart beat if the price is dropped atleast $50 :/ and more games.

RicardJulianti1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

It's $100 less.

You don't HAVE to get the Deluxe version, and if you are going to use the Deluxe as the base, you need to make the content with the PS4 equal.

Basic Wii U, online multiplayer: $300
PS4, online multiplayer: $450

Deluxe Wii U, game + online multiplayer: $350
PS4, game + online multiplayer: $510

Deluxe Wii U, game + online multiplayer + Pro controller: $390
PS4, game + online multiplayer + spare DS4 controller: $550-$570

If you really want to show feature parity, include the Vita for the remote play stuff....and tack on an extra $250 to each thing above.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm attacking you or whatever...but the price difference is much higher than people make it out to be.

unknownbystander1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Not to mention that the $50 dollars will stack up every year you get PS+. So PS4's price will keep on going up until you stop buying PS+.

Wii U Deluxe, Game + Free Online Multiplayer $350
PS4, Game + Online multiplayer $460 + $50 * X years

Sincere01211893d ago

Yes ps4 beats wii U in hardware, but Wii U beats ps4 in every other area, better quality games, gameplay, innovation, backwards compatibility, free online play and costs less.

marloc_x1890d ago

Bubble up for wanting a WiiU,(when cheaper)! I love mine and encourage you to own one too. Specs? Don't care myself. Just go for the games danny boy :)

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