A Look Back at Square-Enix's Success at New IPs

The arrival of Square-Enix's newest game, The World Ends With You, is quickly approaching and reviews are beginning to trickle out. It's getting great scores but Hooked Gamers have noticed a common comment about the company. When they can create new game worlds as interesting and unique as The World Ends With You, why don't they do it more often? Most of their games are sequels or spin-offs to their successful franchises.

So with all that in mind, Hooked Gamers decided to take a look back at the success and failure of the new IPs they've put out over the years, specifically ones that the original Squaresoft developed and that have come out in the US. The history of the company yields an impressive list of original ideas. In the interest of keeping the posts (relatively) short, this feature will be posted in 3 installments. First up, the NES and SNES era.

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PS360WII3896d ago

Yeah Squaresoft had a good amount of non FF games. Secret of Mana was an awesome game and naturally Chrono was superb ^^ This is just NES and SNES though I was gonna say where is Front Mission and the others

Palodios3896d ago

I really feel like all these IPs have just gotten nowhere, and have been crushed under the pressure of Final Fantasy. Mana has seen one version per console for a few generations, and even the widely acclaimed Chrono Trigger hasn't had a sequel in almost a decade. Usually I'm anti-sequels, but Square doesn't reuse characters or settings, just the general aspects of their games.

Oh, and an Einhander sequel would make me a happy man.

PS360WII3896d ago

Oh hey I was just thinking if this is NES and SNES they forgot Actraiser and that game rocked but didn't get a sequel from what I know...