Saints Row 4 Review: Suit and Tie | Polygon

Polygon: "In almost every moment, Saints Row 4 feels like playing a cheesy superhero movie. Tied together by parody and pastiche, the whole world is just an excuse to throw gameplay variety at the player, and I felt like an over-powered badass throughout. It's not sophisticated or subtle, nor does it want to be. And the game's open stance on character customization and gender let me play the way I wanted to. Saints Row IV made me feel superhuman — and that's what this kind of game is all about."

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Coltrane_C2286d ago

They give Last of Us a 7/10 but give SR4 a 9/10...Polygon can't trusted opinion or not.

GreatGamePlay2286d ago

Polygon is probably a Sexy-leaning Reviewer, any games that have sexy playable female character with huge breasts would instantly get more points.

T22286d ago

some good scores rolling in, nice surprise

Starbucks_Fan2286d ago

this review sure doesn't count.

f*** Polygon

Master-H2286d ago

Why not let that creep Tom Chic review this one..oh right this isn't a Sony game so no crap review needed lol, plus this would bee too violant for him , dude would probably faint in the loading screen.

rextraordinaire2286d ago

That reviewer. Man she's dumb as f*ck.

How is the treatment of women in THIS game better than in Dragon's Crown? Really?

It's really starting to feel like she lowers any PS exclusive's score for whatever stupid reason she has fun coming up with.

If she had REALLY played Dragon's Crown, she would have noticed that female characters ARE empowered. Just look at princess Vivian.

Anyway, I believe I hate polygon.

GreatGamePlay2285d ago

The Reviewer, She got to be a custom-made Sexy President with huge boobs that saves the Open-World Game.

She like this kind of empowerment & treatment.