"F-Zero Z" rumoured for Wii

According to German site Planet Nintendo, Nintendo is planning an F-Zero game - titled F-Zero Z - for Wii.

The original F-Zero first appeared in 1992 (Europe) on the SNES and recently made a comeback on Nintendo's Virtual Console.

No other details were given other than that the game would be shown off at this year's E3. Apparently.

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tonsoffun5034d ago

I would actually say it is a given that a F-zero game would appear at some point.

Ninty have went throught most of thier top guns already - we are just waiting on Animal Crossing and F-zero.... i wonder what else we will see.

Probably not much, but at least it is summit

djt235034d ago

yes f-zero games
i wonder who is going to make it Nintendo or Sega

ChickeyCantor5033d ago

even if sega is gonna make it, they still have to listen to nintendo...its easy to break a game then really make one....

saw the article somewhere else( didnt read this one) but its rumored that their will be weapons too >_>,...... i hope not

Iceman100x5034d ago

As long as sega doesn't have anything to do with it it will be good, and if it's anything like the first game it will be gold.

nirwanda5034d ago

the last fzero was incredible give it a go if you got a wii and a gamecube controller
yeah sega have gone off the boil a bit but they do get it right sometimes

PS360WII5034d ago

well that's reduntant statement. I'm sure it's rumored that Pikmin, Star Fox, Kurby, etc are coming out for the Wii as well.

ChickeyCantor5033d ago

there was a Kirby for the GCn....never released though, i guess the developement was extended for a wii release .

Leathersoup5034d ago

Now if only they'd come out with a sequel for Luigi's Mansion. That game rocked but was too short.

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