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"Video games today have become systems. Core concepts, RAM utilization, multiplayer DLC, Achievements, Cloud computing, dashboard updates, campaign lengths, QTEs – games and their underlying identities are like blueprints, waiting to be broken down and analysed and discerned. Not Saints Row IV, however. Deep Silver Volition’s next iteration in the awesome-gasming, explosive-tastic open world action adventure is as much about breaking and beating the system within the story as well as the systems of gaming."

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Cam9771894d ago

So it seems this game is actually good, that's great news I guess.

1894d ago
snipab8t1894d ago

Honestly, Euphoria engine has ruined my capacity to appreciate open world games like this. They just seem so crappy in comparison to GTA 5

Cam9771894d ago

I agree, I'm not getting it anyway, it's probably a waste of money with V on the horizon.

JsonHenry1894d ago

I can't wait to play this. I never played the first two so I don't have that love of the serious style like some people do on here. I started with part 3 and played it (co-op with friends) from start to finish. It was hilarious, fun, and over the top. I am hoping this one is more of the same with more over the top and crazy stuff to do.

MrTrololo1894d ago

I wonder if the developer actually paid the reviewer to give their game a 8-10 score. There are other games that are struggling to get a high score and this rehashed game which rip-off superhero power from prototype and crackdown easily get a 8-10 score

TedCruzsTaint1894d ago

Really going to do this for every article then?
I feel bad for those who really wanted this game to review poorly.

BLAKHOODe1894d ago

I don't see how you can just dismiss how good this game might be without playing it first. To each his own, but I like to hold off my opinion of something until I've actually tried it.

vishmarx1894d ago

yeah the developer has a great financial status rnow.

Claudiafox1894d ago (Edited 1894d ago )

Nope, only Rockstar Games does that, ask IGN and their 10 to GTA IV :)

Kietz1894d ago

It ended up being a good game.
Oops. Deal with it.

MrTrololo1894d ago

I not gonna argue with you guys. I rather spend my cash on GTA V than this.

1894d ago
MrTrololo1894d ago

Meh not gonna bother to comment on any Saint Row 4 review already. You guys just gonna flame me anyway. Won't bother with this franchise until Volition fix it

Aceman181894d ago

I'm buying the game because I love the franchise and the fact that it doesn't that it self too seriously.

I'm also buy GTA 5 because I love that franchise also, part 4 was a bit of a letdown because it was too overly serious which the TBOGT fixed imo.

T21894d ago

Theres already multiple reviews in and even some perfect scores ... If you prefer something else go get it, but quit hating , these games can be solid fun , something gta4 left behind

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CaptainPunch1894d ago

Idk about the score, downloaded the third game off PS Plus. Played for about 10 minutes and just couldn't get into it. Ended up uninstalling it later.

bluetoto1894d ago

I can't wait for devs to ruin one of these "new" fans franchises and see how they "deal with it".