‘Saints Row IV’ Review: Fun to the IV’th Power | StickSkills

StickSkills said, "Saints Row IV surprised me. At every turn the right moves were made, and the plot is so self-aware you’d think it’d have its own bodily functions. The story is full of hilarious scenarios, silly plot devices, and quite a bit of backstory on the entire Saints Row franchise. Between the story’s unfolding, the amount of extra content is overflowing, and it’s all enjoyable. Most importantly, Saints Row IV completely rights and polishes off SRTT’s biggest issue: pacing. Things you unlock feel earned, and time is rarely wasted; even when just meandering throughout the city, there are useful things to do and find. Saints Row IV is over-the-top, done to near-perfection, and while it may not look like a visual masterpiece, it’ll leave you feeling satisfied."

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