Black Professionals In Games: Sony's Felice Standifer On Gender, Race And Positive Images

This week MTV Multiplayer have been posting interviews with various black professionals in the games industry.

Now they have Felice Standifer, a producer at Sony Computer Entertainment of America. Working in the industry since 1993, Standifer has been a producer on several racing titles, including the ATV series and MotorStorm as well as the non-racing Eye of Judgment.

Read on to learn about how she was mistaken for a booth worker at E3 and why she has a problem with Grand Theft Auto…

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HighDefinition3933d ago

This doesn`t turn into the Prodigy H.N.I.C. thread.

Racism is sooooooooooooooo 1990.

Feihc Retsam3933d ago

I don't get it...
What does someone's race, religion, gender, orientation have to do with their part in the VIdeo Game industry?

Why can't everyone shut up about the "Race" issue already, and let their actions and work do the talking?

It just seems to detract from someone's talent and abilities when they have to draw attention to their race.

Harry1903933d ago

of the term 'race' is questionable,ethnicity would be more accurate.

BeaArthur3933d ago

Isn't this a duplicate?

Robearboy3933d ago

She is, she can come play with my joystick anytime ;)

jkhan3933d ago

Now why would they even mention this. I mean seriously it is kind of discriminating "Look we have a black guy or girl working on Killzone 2". I mean all men and women were created equal by God. So treat them equally do not view them by there color, cast or creed, view them as a simple human being.

mistertwoturbo3933d ago

Racist people see Black and White.

While all I see is just PEOPLE.


well you know how it is...

if you don't show or say anything about " black " people working in this profession etc, then someone will turn round and go; why are there no black people working here, it must be some sort of discrimination !

On the flip side if you do say we have " black " people working here, well it still looks like discrimination... why are you highlighting their ethnic background.

its a no win situation. all this political correctness crap. sure all people should be treated the same; so now they need to run a show highlighting all the " white " working in the industry and all the " Asian " people etc, etc ....

i am half " black " and half " white " and i couldn't care less.

she is fit though !

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