Joystiq- Saints Row 4 Review: The Saints rule everywhere

JS:Being properly, legitimately astonished by Saints Row 4 is an unavoidable eventuality inherent to the experience, but there's something to be said for going in completely blind, as I did. If at all possible, I highly recommend it – Volition's latest is a non-stop cavalcade of self-aware meta-humor and surprising, bombastic gameplay decisions from stem to stern, and to enter the experience with even the slightest knowledge of what's coming would be doing yourself a major disservice.

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vishmarx2287d ago

dem scores!!!!
9 s and 10s everywhere

GreatGamePlay2287d ago

Breaking the Bias Against Women's Beauty.

Mugen902287d ago

"I was worried that Saints Row 4 would never be able to live up to Saints Row: The Third"