"It's Going to be Hard For Any Game To Beat this as GOTY" Saints Row 4 Review | RealGamerNewz

Tristan Werbe (Deputy Editor of RealGamerNewz) writes, "Final Verdict: Saints Row IV is like climbing Satan's ladder, a huge amount of fun but very chaotic at the same time, with a feeling that if you slip and fall you're lost in the abyss of hell forever. The game keeps you guessing between fighting Wardens and completing challenges. Saints Row IV is a top notch game, one of the best I have ever played and it has easily earned itself a full 10 out of 10 earning it a rare RGN Rating of Diamond Game. It will be hard for any game to outdo this for Game of the Year 2013."

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Cam9771892d ago

The Last Of Us?

Where have you been?

GreatGamePlay1892d ago

Saints Row 4 got Boobs, Playable Female Characters.

Cam9771892d ago

"Playable Female Characters"
They're all hollow compared to TLOU's Ellie.

Cobberwebb1892d ago

ha ha ha The Last of Us lol GOTY ha ha ha overrated garbage just like The Walking Dead. Complete snoozeville.

Cam9771892d ago

How would an Xbox fanboy know?
Last time I checked it was a PS exclusive, try harder, troll.

TrevorPhillips1892d ago

GTA V will beat this game, how can this be considered GOTY :/ You have The Last of Us too

AntoineDcoolette1891d ago

Different strokes for different folks.

SR4 takes the crown for ridiculous and over the top.

GTAV shall take the crown for sand box king

TLOU takes the crown for story driven experiences.

Majin-vegeta1892d ago

The Last Of Us
Beyond 2 souls??

keep dreaming buddy

Tdmd1891d ago (Edited 1891d ago )

Whaaat?! Is this a satirical piece?? LOL