ABCNews- Review: 'Saints Row IV' Goes off the Deep End

ABC:"Saints Row," the shoot-'em-up video game franchise that debuted in 2006 as a knockoff of "Grand Theft Auto," has always been unapologetically low-brow and self-consciously silly. "Saints Row IV" (Volition, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, $59.99) doesn't veer from that pre-established mindlessness. In fact, it drives right through it, off a cliff and straight into outer space.

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KonsoruMasuta2290d ago

Can we get a true sequel to SR2 now that this crap is out of the way?

LackTrue4K2290d ago

What a ridiculous rating system they have!!!


MrTrololo2290d ago

Lol look at all the saint row 3/4 fan boy disagree to this comments

MiasmaDodo2290d ago

fans of SR3 and SR4

need to piss off.
they are not true fans of Saints Row.

Saints Row died when Gat died.

pr0t0typeknuckles2290d ago

kind of like how the people that defended DmC even though they werent true DMC fans

vishmarx2290d ago

WOW "shoot-'em-up video game franchise that debuted in 2006 as a knockoff of "Grand Theft Auto," has always been unapologetically low-brow"

and now i should listen to your opinion?no thanks

NYC_Gamer2290d ago

"While it's plagued with problems, "Saints Row IV" continues down its predecessors' path as outrageously mindless fun, the equivalent of interactive junk food. It's not as thought-provoking as a "BioShock" or as polished as an "Uncharted." It's just a yummy bag of gummy worms to gnaw on for a month before "Grand Theft Auto V" is released"

That's real harsh

calibann2290d ago

Yeah but...just look at Grand Theft Auto look back at Saints Row. It just doesn't compare. I think that gummy worms metaphor is spot on.

Upstate89872290d ago

way to abide by the embargo time, guy. 9am ET.

MrTrololo2290d ago

Nobody give a crap about it

MrTrololo2290d ago

Well deserved and said review. Sadly this game occupied gamer at least 1 month until GTA V released and after that this game is forever forgotten

aliengmr2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Awwww, you've found the one review that validates your opinion. you must feel special now.

Kind of strange though that you care so much to use all 3 of your bubbles commenting on a game you have decided to hate even before its released. Its almost like you are butt-hurt that it isn't doing as bad as you've assumed.

Well, never mind all that, you are special now!

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