GTA V Pictures Rockstar Don't Want Us To See

PS Nation happened upon the new Grand Theft Auto V website today, which looks great. But something bothered us, several pictures were un-clickable, greyed out and darkened. So after inspecting thousands of lines of code, PS Nation got the pictures.

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jlukee1890d ago

If they didn't want us to see them, they wouldn't have put them on the website in the first place. Nothing special here.

ChazzH691890d ago

It's the fact that you can barely see them due to the fact that they were small darkened images which were hard to make out. I got the full versions.

Thinking they are 'special' just depends on what you think is special. I like the convenience store.

GadgetGooch1890d ago

Heading is very misleading, These pictures would of been released at some point..poo article.

RyuCloudStrife1889d ago

So they didn't want us to see these images because they are black and white? If you hover your mouse it says, Coming Soon. So they ARE meant for us to see...

I don't know if there are people desperate enough out there to see the images in full color NOW, so your article is kind of pointless...

showtimefolks1890d ago

the author is asking can we rob small stores, i thought that was confirmed that you can do smaller jobs too like robbing stores and stuff

LordMaim1890d ago

This is a blatant clickbait article. They could have just posted the link to the same Los Santos tour as everyone else and been done.

ChazzH691890d ago

Check the pictures, they are not the same.

ChazzH691890d ago

Okay people, next time I'll have the title 'GTA V pictures Rockstar weren't ready for you to see'. If you were happy being barely able to see the images on the Rockstar site, then carry on. I personally wanted to see them properly, and I expect some other people would too.

Have a nice day. :)

BattleTorn1890d ago

At the very least the title should have been "didn't" not "don't" cause they were posted, and 'don't' implies that they are still being hidden. They're not hidden imagine - they're blown up versions of the ones yesterday.

HardCover1890d ago

Give it a rest.

The kids on this site are relentlessly petty.

BattleTorn1890d ago (Edited 1890d ago )

The author says he scoured thousand lines of code to find these?

BHA HA. They're on their fricken website, as this very moment.

So, pretty much his search found absolutely nothing new, but still figured he better make an article about it.

inf3cted11890d ago

Thousands of lines of code xD

He went to the source code of the page, clicked ctrl f and searched for "http" or ".png" or ".jpg" probably.

ChazzH691890d ago

Already made a joke of it on the page, in the comments.

Please go to the Rockstar page and look at the coming soon images, they are not easy to see and not even in color.

All I did, was to get the original versions so they can be clearly seen. Please note, they are not in the screenshots section as normal images.

ChazzH691890d ago

I guess the customization is improved this time round.

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The story is too old to be commented.