ActionTrip's Resistance 2 First Look

Resistance 2 is, like its predecessor, a PS3-exclusive projected for a Fall release. SCEA is putting the game in the same boat with top franchises and upcoming releases such as Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. They also expect the game "to go toe-to-toe against" CliffyB's recently announced Xbox 360 action game, Gears of War 2.

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Fishy Fingers3896d ago

"First look", Perhaps I'm mistaken but to have the first look surely you have to actually get to see the game?

No new information at all, just a repeat of everything we already know.

criticalzero3896d ago

Exactly.....This article is a piece of dump....." Give us new Info or shut the fuk up!!!!!!!"

Palodios3896d ago

Its cheap journalism.Nothing new, no new pictures or videos... With actual video footage coming tomorrow, this is a waste of time.

SPARTAAN3896d ago

does follow PST or GMT

mesh13896d ago

compare those screens to gears of 2ar 2 you will see why gears of war 2 will make this game looks very dated i can 100% guarantee ppl keep forgetting epic is 1 of the richest game devs out there remember ut1and 3 and other that were actually amazing games unlike ut3 they basically skimped on ut3 to put massive efforts into gears of war not to forgot the extra money they are getting from their publisher which is Microsoft and the help of Microsoft game studios these are the things that made gears of war great just check the screen shots and if u guys are saying its concept art why does the previewer keep referring to the as screens the art work is clear to see the in game unfinished versions also easy to see and makes resistance 2 look crap.

SPARTAAN3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

open zone >>>>>>

mattnz3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

The Resistance shots are from a very early build, we might get a better idea of what resistance will look like tomorrow when the teaser trailer hits, but there's still many months of work left in it. I think Gears is great, but I'm more excited about R2.

PS. Sorry Spartaan I hit 'disagree' on yours by accident, given you bubbles to make up for it.

crunchie1013896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

I know Sony isn't helping, but I wish people would stop comparing this to Gears. I guess they've got a sort of similar art style, but that's kind of it. OK, so, so far the screens haven't been exactly mindblowing, but hey, it isn't finished.

And, yeah the Gears 2 screens look pretty sweet, but again, who cares? If you want a game that looks better than Gears 2 on the PS3, look no further than Killzone 2.

Actually, you know what, Spartaan, you're right, this imbecile belongs in the open zone and it's a waste of my keyboard to try and reason with him/her/it.

On a side note, I'm rather looking forward to Resistance 2.

edit: hmm i wonder who disagreed with me and why

SIX3896d ago

Well that is your opinion, but I find that the jump from RFOM1 to RFOM2 is much greater than the jump from Gears 1 to 2. On the surface it's clear that Gears has a more dynamic style, but under the belly RFOM has always been more tecnically superior. You wouldn't know what I'm talking about unless you've owned and played both.

jkhan3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

Well we should all wait and see which game looks better and play better. In terms of feature so far, Resistance 2 is richer. 60 player multiplayer, 8 player coop, 2 campaigns. Plus this guy is comparing Gears of War 2 pictures from the mag. scan to Resistance 2. Oh Come on you are kidding me right?
Apart from that I will be buying both games. i loved the original gears and I loved resistance 1. So it will interesting to see which game I play more.

SPARTAAN3896d ago

no problem i never bothered about the disagrees

Palodios3896d ago

I know I might be a minority, but I liked the resistance single player MUCH better than GoW. There is no denying that chainsaw guns were badass, butI just happened to like R:fom more. considering Resistance 1 was a launch title, Insomniac's first fps like this (rather than having a pedigree of shooter games) and they have so much more experience now, I'm going to bet on the underdog this year.

fenderputty3896d ago

Mesh has NEVER had one positive thing to say about the PS3. He never will have something positive to say either.

Back on topic: Tomorrows sneak peak is going to be awesome. FROM was a rushed launch title. The leaps they made with their engine from RFOM to R&C is comparable to the leap they're making with R&C to RFOM2. It's going to look bonkers. It's going to have tons of improvements, a lot of which we already know. I'm super excited. I can't wait to play on lagless servers again. COD4 gets annoying sometimes.

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